Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gorgeous Family Photography in Maryland

We had such beautiful backdrops for our fall petite event this year.  Here are just a few samples.

Shannon provided the photography services for this year's event as Rita is out on medical leave from the studio.  For gorgeous family photography please contact  Shannon Marie Photography, she also offers newborn, baby, and child photography in Maryland.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Family Milestone Photographers Offer Petite Sessions, Mini Portrait Sessions
Bitsy Baby Photography & Shannon Marie Photography

We are now scheduling for our annual fall family portrait event at the studio!! The prime times for this event fill quickly so let us know asap what your desired time is.

This is the perfect opportunity to capture your baby's milestones before the holidays, maternity images, or have your family portraits captured in time for your holiday cards!

Date: Saturday October 18, 2014 (rain date OCT 25)
Time: Every half hour starting at 8:00am **there are only 8 spaces available this year**
Place: Bitsy Baby Photography Edgewater Studio and wooded property, we are striving to capture the peak fall foliage

***These sessions produce natural and emotional lifestyle images.
***Browse this post for ideas on coordinating your family's clothing and to see colors that photograph well in the fall settings.

Your Package Includes:
  • 10 high resolution retouched digital images 
  • Box of large fine art greeting cards ($99 value)
  • Online gallery for sharing
  • Private download link
  • Print release to any size, No watermarks
  • Access to our wholesale pricing for optional prints and fine art canvas
  • $399 
Rita and Shannon will work with your family as needed to bring out natural expressions in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  We want to focus on capturing your family being yourselves, your baby's laughs, your children playing together all the real moments that deserve to be documented and remembered for years to come.  You are also welcome to bring your child's costume and this can be fit into your time space if desired.

Ready to schedule?  Additional Questions?  Email Us!!

Session Details:
  • Immediate family members included, additional ppl $25/person
  • First come, first serve for time slots
  • Maternity and Babies 3 months and older are welcome
  • Arrive in your photo attire and layering/removing the layers is welcomed
  • Sessions are petite 30 minute slots - Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time
  • Package purchase is final
  • Client is provided with vendor information for high quality products
  • Greeting cards are qty 25 on premium cardstock with parchment envelopes included, they are pre-designed, one large image on front, optional image on back or space for a personal note
  • Custom designs are not available for the included cards due to the volume of card orders
  • Image collections are sent via email with a download link versus CD
  • Discount and referral cards can not be redeemed for petite events
  • Wholesale pricing ex: 8x10's are 7.99
  • Costumes are welcome

Ready to schedule?  Additional Questions?  Email Us!!

Bitsy Baby Photography Portrait Studio Closing 2015

Slowimg Down....

As many of you know I  have been battling physical health issues due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which affects most of my upper body, especially my arms and hands.  I underwent an invasive surgery last December and will have another one Spring 2015.  My portrait work excessively aggravates this condition therefore, sadly, this October will be the last portrait session opportunity at Bitsy Baby Photography for an indefinite time.  I have major thoracic surgeries over the next couple years and hope to return to the studio and coaching in 2017.  I have made the very difficult decision to close the studio and focus on my health and family for now.

On that note I was surprised this year with a 3rd pregnancy!  We are looking forward to welcoming a baby boy into our heart and home Feb 2015.

Though we certainly consider this pregnancy a blessing, carrying a baby while having Thoracic Outlet is proving to be extremely challenging.  I plan to write a more detailed post about my TOS journey and hope to stay in touch as much as possible via the blog here.  I truly love all my Bitsy Baby families I have had the opportunity to celebrate with and will miss you all so dearly.
xoxo, Rita

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Frame by Frame: Treasuring Each Month With Maternity Photography in Maryland

Frame by Frame: Treasuring Each Month With Maternity Photography in Maryland

Congratulations!  You are soon to be joined by a new little life!  Whether this baby is your first or another addition to a family of miracles, you have the chance to record these historical days to always remember.  Maternity photography in Maryland gives expectant mothers a way to invest in the future relationship with their babies from the very beginning of that bond.  

These 40 weeks can be one of the most difficult waiting periods of your life, as you grow your baby within and yearn to cuddle them close.  But this special time is also one of the most intimate times you will enjoy.  Commemorate this bond with the first photographs of you and your baby.  Difficult as it is to imagine, once you hold him or her in your arms, it may eventually be hard to recall the exact way you looked while carrying him or her, or how he or she had felt moving inside you.  

First Trimester
Most women discover they are expecting during their first trimester, a period of time spanning the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  For many, this is the perfect opportunity for a “before” picture—the first chronicle of your baby journey.

Second Trimester
Week 13 to week 27 marks the second trimester, during which the most dramatic changes will take place.  Every woman begins to show at a different point during this time, offering a variety of options for the second picture of your pregnancy series, showing the progression of your baby.  Many also learn the sex of their little one halfway through this trimester, and maternity photography can be a perfect chance for a creative reveal.

Third Trimester
From the 26th week to the time of the birth is when most women decide to have maternity pictures taken, when the size of the belly and glow of pregnancy are both at a peak.  As the waiting becomes even more difficult and the preparations more hectic, taking time to make memories has never been so important.  Capture your experience in a cumulative image or take the last photo in the series, representing the nearing end of your journey.

As your body changes to accommodate the life blooming within you, you will marvel at alterations you never thought possible.  Designed with the ability to morph and alter as your baby grows and develops, your body is amazing and is working hard so your littlest one can flourish.  Never take all that you are doing for granted, allow a little awe over what is happening, pamper yourself and enjoy this stage.

Everyone has a different way of marking the time spent carrying your baby in your womb.  The best and most memorable items you can have are images of you and your little one growing in tandem. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a keepsake you will both treasure because soon enough your baby will make the grand entrance into your arms!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Announcement Special from Tiny Prints

Enjoy $15 off orders of $49+
Sorry this special is for new customers only this time.

Click here for the Tiny Prints Store and use promo code SAVE15TP to save!
Promo ends at 11:59pm PT on 7/29/14 so don't wait.  Setup your account and place your order today.

 This was my own announcement I ordered when my Lillie was born.  Thank you to a my wonderful photographer friend April Stites for making this session possible so early after my birth.  Lillie was one of the most unsettled newborns I've photographed and to this day she is still keeping me on my toes!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bring Spring to a Close With a Visit to a Maryland Baby Photographer

Bring Spring to a Close With a Visit to a Maryland Baby Photographer

Chilly weather often persists long past the time when Maryland photographers and families alike are ready to see more of the sun.  For one-of-a-kind images of your baby this time of year, Bitsy Baby presents an opportunity to enjoy this last month of spring from the cozy comfort of our welcoming studio.  Take a day to gather together where natural beauty meets unique charm and dream of summer together without missing an instant of the present.

Adding Bitsy Baby to Your Springtime Schedule
Running out of indoor activities for your family as everyone anticipates the nearing summer days?  Make family time a priority and create memories where they can be captured.  Step away from the chaos of the world and connect with your baby again.  Bitsy Baby photographers welcome the chance to watch and commemorate for you as your family creates memorable springtime moments.  

The evenings grow longer as the sun hangs around into dusk, and the warming temperatures make this time of year perfect.  Are the varying lights and darks of the changing season affecting your little one’s sleeping patterns?  Go for an early evening outing and have family playtime before the weariness of bedtime creeps up, or take an afternoon off work to enjoy the company of your partner and your children in front of the camera.

Take this last opportunity to get decked out in seasonal garb, and show off your baby in the adorable pastels of springtime.  Revel in the rain, the clouds, and the alternate weather patterns that grace our doorsteps during the month of May.

What Makes Us Special
Bitsy Baby uses natural backgrounds and little props in our artistically crafted photo sessions.  This allows us to emphasize the inherent sweetness of your baby without distractions from other items.

We never allow any “schedule constraints” to affect how your photo session progresses.  Knowing the unpredictable joy that a baby brings to any activity, we have developed a knack for engaging your little one while moving at the pace that he or she requires.  Never rushed or frustrated, we know that your time taking pictures should be a pleasant experience and not just a means to obtain the photos.  This family centered photography style keeps the focus on you and your loved ones above all else.

Come join us for a morning of photo fun and let’s all forget about the worries of the world for a while.  When the sun finally shines out for good in its summertime splendor, you’ll always have the precious pictures from the end of spring to mark another chapter in the life of you and your family.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet and Simple: Annapolis Photographers Capture the Beauty of Your Baby
Special Opportunity: We have one space for a petite baby session at the studio this Saturday April 12th.  These are limited to weekend availability and typically fill up completely but this week there is a space left.  If you have a newborn or baby in their 1st year then lets talk!!

Infant photography is all about the art of focus and knowing what is important about the pictures you take.  The honor and responsibility of crystallizing the earliest moments of a baby’s life is not one to be taken lightly.

Whether your little treasure is five days new or five years old, we never forget who the true star of life is, and we’ll capture the sweet and simple nature of your baby as he or she has never been before and will never be again.

Love at First Sight
Babies are blessed with inherent beauty from the moment they emerge from the womb.  To the parents in particular, that little face will bring an overwhelming flood of love and adoration unlike any you have felt before.  It is a connection that is wholly unique and wholly yours.  It is impossible to understand and priceless to experience.

As you try to capture each precious moment of sweetness, you marvel as the moments fly away and mark the subtle changes your baby experiences.  Don’t let the most important stages pass without being commemorated, no matter how forever clear they seem to you now.  Hold close these times in your heart and treasure the remembrance in physical form.

Staying True
Bitsy Baby is proud to photograph the little ones of Annapolis and beyond, displaying the simple sweetness of their tiny selves.  We do not use props to distract from your little one, instead staying true to the only thing you will want to look back and see: your baby.

As your baby grows, our focus grows with her, following her footsteps as she learns to navigate her surroundings.  We know the natural actions and expressions of your baby are enough to keep you fascinated for hours and want nothing more than her own self, artistically portrayed, for the photographs she is featured in.  

Proud to be among the finest Annapolis photographers, Bitsy Baby takes an organic approach to our photography design.  Our photo shoots are family-centered and the focus is on whatever is important for those involved.  Skilled photographers engage with little ones and ensure a welcoming environment whether it’s the first photo session or the hundredth.  

If you and your family are looking for a simple and natural way to hold onto your baby’s early days without all of the fanfare, trust us with the task.  We understand the importance of those first photos and how much it can mean to work with a team that truly cares.  

Sleeping, smiling or frowning, every move that he or she makes is worthy of record.  So we will be there to help you capture every moment that you can of your own bitsy baby.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dreams for Tomorrow Photographed in the Infant of Today

Dreams for Tomorrow Photographed in the Infant of Today

What hopes do you have for your little one?  Chances are that you began to dream of a fabulous life for your baby as soon as you heard he or she was coming.  Whatever it is you want your little one to be, do, or experience, you can begin to capture those hopes through priceless photographs even now.

Pictured Dreams
Tangible and deeply sentimental, photographs of your baby are treasured by all who see them, and will even be cherished by your little one later in life. Just think of the endless possibilities…
  • Pictures set deep in the woods or on a riverbank will share a love of the outdoors with your baby and an appreciation of its pure beauty.
  • Cultivate sibling love and instill in your children the importance of the bond that brothers and sisters share by capturing some of their earliest moments together.
  • Photograph one of the many special looks that you and your baby share, the special connection, as a reminder of how much they are loved and the connection you both will always have.
  • Capture flashes of the movements your baby has already begun to hone, big and small.   These freeze frames of action can represent the dancer or runner you are beginning to wonder if your baby will become.
  • For the babies who are drawn to colors and patterns even more than usual, swathe them in the rich tones and shades they love as you picture their future as an artist, blossoming with potential.
  • That smile your baby gives is proof of the joy that he or she brings wherever you go.  Share that precious gift in an infant photograph and then to the world as your baby brightens up more lives than just yours.
  • A simple wooden bed or basket can hold your sleeping baby, cozied up in blankets as they dream the dreams you hope they will always follow, no matter what they happen to be.

For What’s Ahead
Will your baby be an adventurer?  A visionary?  Thoughtful?  Strong?  Loving?  Whatever you dream about and whatever they choose, photos depicting the journey are forever priceless.  They provide a chance to look back and marvel at how far your little one has come, or remark with pride that his or her passion in life began as early as infancy.
Bitsy Baby’s infant photography services bring to Maryland the chance to dream with your little one and dare to hold your darlings close as you look to the future.  Celebrate the present and the treasure that you hold, and imagine all the wonderful things that are ahead.  Every vision you have, big or small, can be memorialized for your baby before he or she can even remember.  Don’t forget a moment or an inspiration…let professional photographs help keep them close.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrate the Love with Baby Photography

A heart-filled holiday is nearly here, and everyone is searching for the perfect way to show his or her love.  Valentine’s Day is about more than gifting to a spouse or friend, especially now that there is a new little special bundle in your life.  Celebrate the love you feel for your baby and capture it on film, a special February session with baby photography.   

Love in the Air
The year 2014 is well underway, and after the much photographed chaos of the holidays, now could be the perfect time to mark how much your baby or child is growing and changing.  
Take a moment to stop and reflect on the cherubic face of your little one.  As picture perfect as ever?  Hard as you try, it won’t be possible to always remember that tiny face just as it is at this moment.  The only way to freeze forever the beauty you see is in a photograph, and baby photography can be important for more than just you.  

Share the Love
These pictures of your treasure can be a symbol of the love between all family members.  Think of all the special people who play an important role in the life of your child and your family.  While your child may be too little to understand their worth, you have the chance to return their dedication in a small but meaningful way.  Whoever your valentine may be, you can honor your relationship and the relationship they have with your child through a gift.  
  • Tell your partner what a loving parent he or she is with a photo dedicated to ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’  
  • For grandparents from their littlest love, because they are the only ones who could possibly be as proud as you are
  • Thank your special friends who have their own close relationship with your baby for their extra doting
  • A nanny or sitter is one of the few you trust completely with your child; show your appreciation for their devoted care
For the many others who help surround your child with love, there is no better show of appreciation and return of affection than a special shot of the little angel you all adore.  

February with Bitsy Baby
Bitsy Baby is proud to serve babies and families in Annapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Edgewater, Maryland, as well as Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Newport News, and Norfolk, Virginia and many surrounding areas.  Whether your loved ones are near or far, you can send some sweetness in a picture of your littlest sweetheart.

There is no other swell of love and joy felt than when looking at your precious little bundle.  Any occasion is a great chance to celebrate the light in your lives.  Give yourself and your family another chance to marvel with February photographs of your little valentine.  There are just a couple spaces left!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby, Child, and Family Photographs!

Family photographs can mark this New Year in a significant and memorable way. Beyond the baby photos and Christmas shots, having family photos is a purposeful way to take time to invest in your memories, with a tangible reward.

Sometimes there’s no better catalyst for appreciating the present than a look into the past.  Digging up old family photos is a great way to reminisce about how much your lives have changed and grown.  While you may regret particular expressions or hairstyles, you will never regret having a memento from that time.  The images shown here are portraits of my own family and children taken a year ago.  I so much beauty and growth, especially in Lillie my baby.  She is almost 2 years old now and it is amazing what changes in just a year!

While well known for being infant photographers, our passion lies in capturing those priceless moments in each & every individual we photograph.  We thrive on being a part of your family milestones and celebrations, and of course we love showing a child’s personality shine through a print as a vivid glimpse of his or her quintessential self.  Catching baby’s very first smiles and yawns is always a treasured moment for us.

Changes of a New Year
The end of the year arrives along with the chaos of the holidays and a chance to take note of all the changes that the past year has brought. 

If there were anything that would make this circumspection any better, it would be something to commemorate the changes brought on by 2013.  With the future in mind, take a break after the buzz of the holidays to capture the faces of those you love most.  Then when the next January rolls around, you’ll have a perfect picture of your lives encapsulated in one year.

A year in the life of a baby or young child is somehow more than 12 months of changes, and seems to go faster than the usual 365 days.  There’s no need to rely on stolen camera phone snapshots to capture each unique period in your child’s life.  Professional photographs are a great way to mark the growth of your children at year’s end.    

First tooth and first step – firsts of all kinds are a treasured part of life, but our talented photographers don’t stop at the earliest beginnings.  First days of school, first driving lessons and first days of a new year are equally worth chronicling.  That’s why we are proud to include family and child photography in our repertoire of skills, so you can capture more treasured times than ever.  Let Bitsy Baby start recording your family’s first precious moments of the New Year, then look back and marvel at all the memories made since.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mini Maternity Photography Event by Bitsy Baby Photography

So the time has come to announce the 2nd annual Mini Maternity Photography Event at the studio.  We are announcing early this year as we realize most moms-to-be seek out and research for a maternity photographer in Maryland early on in their pregnancy.

Spaces are limited for this event so please let us know what your preferred time frame is and grab your space.

The benefit of joining in on our mini maternity event is this would be the best special gift for Mother's Day anyone could ever give!  You will receive top notch maternity portraits at a budget friendly rate and all your digital images are included in your photography package; simple!

Mini Maternity Portrait event at the Bitsy Baby Photography studio details:

  • Dates: Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th, *limited spaces*
  • Location: the Bitsy Baby studio in Edgewater, MD
  • Cost is $249
  • you receive:
    • your session including inside and outside portraits (as weather permits for the outdoor)
    • professional editing and retouching for every image
    • 10-15 final unique and varied images 
    • your choice of setups and "looks" for your images 
    • printing permission for high resolution images
    • immediate digital downloads; no waiting for CD's
    • professional photography even at a budget friendly rate

Send us an email through the contact form on our website and grab your desired time frame and let's talk about your vision for your pregnancy portrait session!

Again, spaces are limited and once we fill these spaces they are gone for this event.  We would love to be a part of your growing family and look forward to hearing from you!!


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