Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Belly {Annapolis Photography Studio}

Here is the first of 3 belly sessions I have this week. Every session is always a bit different and that keeps me on my toes. Prior to photography sessions, whether it be a belly or a baby, I chat with client's either through email or over the phone and find out what they like--what they don't like, what they envision for their captured memories, do they have favorite colors, do they like color or black & white. Though I do have favorite poses I might incorporate in, each client receives an individual custom photography experience that will reflect who they are and what they want. I enjoy getting to know each couple and am finding that many of my clients are becoming my friends and that is a blessing.

Saumya & Nihal, your session was beautiful. It was a joy to spend some time getting to know you and capturing this very special time. I wish you comfort and joy through your last trimester. I can't wait to meet your little prince this winter!

maryland maternity photographer 24

maryland maternity photographer 27


Gramma even made a stop by the studio all the way from India =)

Luka is Blooming! {Maryland Baby Photographer}

You might remember Luka from this post of his first baby photography session. I enjoyed spending some time with him and his family capturing more endearing and beautiful memories. He is even already wanting to stand...this bub is only at the 6 month mark so is sure to keep his Mom & Dad on their toes over the next few months that's for sure =)

I am blessed to be a part of this once in a lifetime season of watching your first baby grow guys, here are a few samples =)

maryland baby photographer 5

maryland baby photographer 6
Lucky boy has an Auntie that makes him cool hats!

maryland baby photographer 2
I just have to say: "honk-honk" =)

maryland baby photographer 3

maryland baby photographer 4
I really loved this series of images behind their home, what a beautiful family ha!

maryland baby photographer

maryland baby photographer Luka
Luka & his Auntie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Fun {Annapolis Family Photographer}

This past weekend was my first big family event of the season, and what a fun time it was! During the fall and winter months I offer limited family sessions between my maternity and newborn sessions.

It was a joy to be a part of this day with 3 generations of the Cato Family. You guys were such fun and I enjoyed every minute capturing these beautiful memories. There are many more to come!

family photographers annapolis

family photographer annapolis

baby photographer annapolis MD

baby photographer annapolis maryland

baby photographer in annapolis

fun family photographer annapolis

Sunday, September 19, 2010

on a personal note {Annapolis Infant Photographer}

Before I delve into my next big work assignment, I thought I'd take a little down time today to go through my iPhoto. iPhoto is where I organize and store my family photos...lately these consist of images of my little one, Marina, running away from the camera...running up to the camera, or her wearing something or another on her head. I'm blown away by how fast this last year has past. She turns two on October 6 and every day holds new discoveries. Here are a few recent candid photos.


Butterflies on the spearment

Butterfly in Maryland

Egg layers...finally =)

HIF Storyboard

happy baby...ok ok happy toddler!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Winners Announced!! {Maryland Maternity and Infant Photographer}

I had such a grand time chatting and shopping at the Lil' Lamb Shop "Tea Collection" Trunk Show this week. Thank you Kristin and Renee for hosting a fabulous event! AND they have actually announced they will have the new line of Tea Collection clothing through the weekend to show if you would still like to stop by and take a look! Especially if you love adorable and comfortable clothing for your baby.

Also, I have decided to extend one of my give-aways for Lil' Lamb Shop shoppers through the weekend! If you are interested stop by the shop and pick up the information by Sunday at closing.

For today I would like to announce the winners of the drawing held at the Trunk Show, so sorry I'm just now getting to announce these. Most have already been contacted but if you see your name here and you have not talked to me please give me a ring or email and we can get your session scheduled!

Brooke Beard
Sandy Kline
Alyssa Brault
Lindsey Thomas
Heather Johnson
Megan Oliver

Fall Winter Collage

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maternity and Newborn Photography Showcase at Lil' Lamb Shop!

OK, it's almost here and I hope to see many of you there!
The Lil' Lamb Shop "Tea Collection" Trunk Show!
Thursday, Sept 16, 5pm - 8pm

Lil' Lamb Shop, the area's only baby boutique & nursery design center, will be hosting a Mommy's Night Out this week. A few details for this event include:
  • The new holiday line of the Tea Collection will be debuted
  • Discounts on special order nursery furniture
  • Showcasing Bitsy Baby Photography & Jeanne Poole with Stella & Dot Jewelry
  • Over $1000 in maternity and baby photography give-aways

I had the opportunity to shop around in Lil' Lamb Shop today and what a treasure of a place. So much texture and color coming in for the fall and they have some absolutely stunning christening clothes for babies! Of course I got a sneak-sneak peak at the new Tea Collection fall & winter fashions for babies and children =) If you don't already know, the Tea Collection is a beautiful and very comfortable clothing line for babies and children.

And just in case you are not in the area or just haven't had a chance to stop in I thought I'd share some photos of this beautiful and welcoming boutique!

Lil' Lamb Shop Store Photos

Lil' Lamb Shop Store Photos

Lil' Lamb Shop Store Photos

Lil' Lamb Shop Store Photos

Lil' Lamb Shop Store Photos

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maryland Maternity Photography: Making Pregnancy Photos Comfortable

There is something mystical about intimate pregnancy photos. With the help of a Maryland maternity photography professional, these photos can help you to remember all of the intimate moments you had with your child before he or she was born. It can seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming to actually pull together these photos. Can you really expose your body? You may be feeling very vulnerable about it, too. However, the value of taking these photos will outweigh any of these feels.
Work With A True Professional
When you work with a professional with experience in Maryland maternity photography, such as Bitsy Baby Photography, you will feel more comfortable right off the bat. The professional is not there to make you look bad, but rather to offer you an opportunity to look amazing in these shots. Further, these professionals have options for improving the overall look and feel of the photo to make you look as if you are a professional model.
Ask about the types of shots that the photographer plans to take. Be sure to learn what previous types of shots the photographer has taken with others. Tell the photographer about any shots you like or do not like. This can help to minimize your fears and concerns and also gives you an opportunity to know that the photographer is skilled at creating beauty with this medium.
Prepare For The Shots
There are some things that you can do to help prepare for these shots. To feel more comfortable when taking during your Maryland maternity photography session, keep the following in mind:
• Focus on the goal. Realize that these shots are private, for you and only those you wish to share them with.
• Realize that these shots can help you to remember this very special time in your life. They can be a great way to honor the experience and help to give you a sense of pride.
• Know that your body is beautiful in this stage. Regardless of what you think you look like, it is quite likely that you are more beautiful at this time in your life than any other.
• Know that you can limit these shots in any way you would like to. For example, if you are uncomfortable showing too much of your body, use clothing, accessories or even just draping material to hide those areas.
• Work with your professional photographer about any concerns you may be having. Tell the photographer about your worries and allow the photographer to handle any concerns you have. Most will work with you to minimize your concerns.
Overall, Maryland maternity photography is no different from having your photos taken any other time. You may be showing a bit more of your body than you are used to, but what you are doing is creating memories that will last a lifetime. For many women, this is a time of celebration and wonder. By allowing yourself to capture these memories on film, you are allowing yourself an opportunity to remember these times for the rest of your life. When you work with qualified professionals such as Bitsy Baby Photography, you know your pictures will be beautiful.

Expert Annapolis Newborn Photography Tips for Taking Baby Photos

Annapolis newborn photography can be one of the best ways to capture your child's very first months. Families will cherish photos of newborns for years to come. However, having a professional company tailor to your requests is often the best route to take. With so many beautiful poses and ideas, it is clear that these professionals can take your child's beauty and lock it in forever in memorable photography.
Companies such as Bitsy Baby Photography can help ensure those photos are perfect.
Tips for Using an Annapolis Newborn Photography Professional
As you consider the options you have in Annapolis newborn photography, consider a few tips that can help you to make the most out of this remarkable time in your child's life.
• Have some idea of what you would like or would not like before arriving at the professional's location. Specifically, consider poses that may be important to you or those that you have seen others take and would like to replicate. It is often the case that these professionals will have their own ideas and options, but if there is something specific you are after, jot it down.
• Bring items with you that you would like the child to be photographed with. There may be a special piece of jewelry for the child or there may be a specific memento you are interested in having in the piece.
• Consider various outfits. From simple to more stylish, consider the various clothing options for your child. Now is a great time to make a statement. Dressing a baby in nothing but a tie, for instance, really offers something special. Consider special outfits for special occasions or holidays, too. In some cases, going with just a diaper is the route to take.
A Photographer Adds Value
Bringing items with you for your Annapolis newborn photography session is a good place to start, but you also want to consider what the photographer has to add to the session. For example, the photographer may put together something simplistic and use a black and white shot. A photographer can capture those intimate moments with an infant and its mother or father. It may be interesting for the photographer to create a unique pose, such as a small infant in the hands of his father. These unique elements can help to take something that is simple and make it a lasting memory.
You Can Do It Yourself
It is always a good idea to use a professional service such as Bitsy Baby Photography. However, you can create unique photos like this yourself too. The best advice is to use ideas you have seen before or, even better, get creative. Sometimes the best shots are those that are not posed but are actual shots of the child's moods, movements and even sleeping.
For many parents, capturing these very intimate moments in the first weeks and months of a child's life is incredibly important. For that reason, it is often recommended that a young child have a professional photo session to ensure that every detail is captured so that those details can be remembered for years to come. With the right Annapolis newborn photography professional, like Bitsy Baby Photography, this can happen easily.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Over $1000 in Newborn and Maternity Photography Give-Aways {Annapolis Baby Boutique Event}

Bitsy Baby Photography will be at the Tea Collection Trunk Show at Lil' Lamb Shop; the only full-service baby boutique and nursery design center in the area. Lil' Lamb Shop features a wide selection of unique & fashionable choices for room decor, clothing and gifts for mommies to be. And they hold Mommies Night Out every 3rd Thursday, we all know us Mommies need a 'Night Out' sometimes!!

Be the first to see the Holiday line before it's online or in stores
What: "Tea Collection" Trunk Show
Where: Lil' Lamb Shop 167Q Jennifer Road, Annapolis
When: Thursday, September 16th from 5-7pm.

I will be displaying some recent work at the show, as well as offering over $1000 in maternity and newborn photography give-aways. Be sure to stop by and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Lil Lamb Shop

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simply Glowing {Maryland Boudoir Maternity Photography}

So I'm breaking out of my usual black and white technique & style lately...mostly because these Mama's have such a beautiful glow about them, I feel it must be displayed and the color images seem to show the glow I guess =) Here is a couple from Baltimore who came out for an Annapolis maternity studio experience, and what a fun session. Here is just a sample of what we got; I think their amazing but gotta give the credit to such beautiful subjects.

You guys were awesome and all of beautifully in love =) I can't wait to meet your little Mr!

Annapolis Studio Maternity Photographer

Perfect Pregnancy

Maternity photography in Maryland


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