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Is Newborn Photography Worth the Money?

Is Newborn Photography Worth the Money?

BB Newborn Photography 037
Why should you hire a newborn photography specialist? There is no doubt that you will pay more for a specialized photographer, however, this professional offers you something completely different than what your average photographer will. You will get a higher quality finished product and you the process can be as enjoyable as the finished photos. Instead of a one hour appointment, where you are at the mercy of your baby’s mood, you can have the newborn photography specialist schedule your appointment when you’re comfortable and she/he can go at your baby’s pace. This helps you get a peaceful and great session full of the photos you want to have. That is why you should turn to a specialized newborn photographer like Bitsy Baby for all of your baby’s portraits.

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What Is The Difference?

The process of comparing your average photographer to a professional newborn photographer is like comparing apples to oranges. These general photography professionals may have some basic skills, but if they are not specialized in this area, the finished product shows the difference tenfold. Take a look at these reasons they are so different.
  • Newborn photographers have the skills needed to provide you with a professional service that is completely unique to fit your family’s personality and needs. You can count on them to get that special portrait that changes the way that you see your child. In addition to this, you can count on these professionals to provide you with intimate care.

  • They specialize in these photos which mean they understand babies and how to catch the special moments. They are better able to handle and work with your baby and new family. They are even more capable of dealing with a baby that might be fussy, crying, or one that wants nothing in the world to do with the camera or photo taking process. For infants under 12 months, they can conquer those sweet and innocent looks you see in the crib at night, without bringing on the tears.

  • These professionals take their time to get the finished product right. In a typical chain photographer session, you may get as little as 20 minutes (it's true, I've been there) with the photographer. Taking the chance that your baby might be in the mood for a swift photo session is not what you need. Rather, you need a professional who is willing to take the time and has the patience with your baby to get the right finished product to be treasured for many many years to come.
Bitsy Baby Newborn Photography 022

As you consider these aspects, remember the importance of hiring someone that is specialized in infants if you have a child under the age of 12 months, especially those who are newborns. The right newborn photography studio will provide you with the level of care and attention you need. Bitsy Baby goes out of the way to ensure that the finished look of each of your photos is exactly what you are looking for. What’s more, the entire photography session will be easy and a positive experience for all involved. Your child is changing every day. Now is the best time to learn about newborn photography through a professional like Bitsy Baby. Give them a call and schedule a time to meet with Rita and discuss your portrait needs.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Choose A Maternity Studio for Your Photo Session?

Working with a qualified maternity photography professional could change your life. In many ways, these professionals not only have the ability to capture beautiful photos of this special stage of your life, but the right professional is able to provide you with a successful session. They are able to do more than what the average photographer can do. In some situations, you may enjoy working with this type of photographer so much so that you come back time and time again for more services after your baby is here. Bitsy Baby can be that photographer you grow to trust with your family and love working with.
maternity photography lil ducky

Can Anyone Photograph My Pregnancy Photos?
A generic photographer photographs virtually any event. From weddings to child birthday parties, they spend their time doing everything. There is nothing wrong with hiring this type of professional for your particular needs. And it can prove to be a good experience. However, for your maternity photos, you may need something with a bit more touch of class and character. You’re showing a very intimate side or yourself, and you may want to show off your new shape in a uniquely artistic way. The photographer can even join you at home or a place you feel comfortable for your session. The unique situation of this comfort and intimacy is why so many people seek out specialized photographers such as the maternity photography studio Bitsy Baby Photography.

maternity photography in studio with Erin

What A Pro Offers That Others Do Not
When selecting a photographer for your maternity photos, there are several key things to look for. If you do so, chances are good you will create a better finished result and will enjoy the photography session more so.
  • Hire someone who makes maternity a specialty. When it is a specialty, they have more experience in the area. Go to a professional who focuses specifically on this type of service to get the intimate details and the true focus you are after. You know the finished product will be what you want.

  • Comfort matters. As you get to the photographer, you may feel a sense of apprehension. Will your body look good? How can you be sure that the baby will be properly shown without feeling exposed? These are questions and concerns that a specialized maternity photographer understands and can tailor your experience around. This professional will ensure your experience is relaxed and comfortable.

  • Trust is another important factor and often one people overlook. However, trust is critical in every situation. You need to trust that the person you hire is going to create the type of experience and finished product that is right for your particular needs. Trusting in the photographer, the shots, the design of the backgrounds and much more is all critically important.
maternity photography on sofa

As you take into consideration all of the options available to you in professional photographers, focus on those that specialize in maternity. The generic photographer may be okay, but if you want the highest quality product possible, focus specifically on a maternity studio like Bitsy Baby. This professional will focus on you and your baby, and create the most magical and breathtaking photos of you at this very intimate time. The experience will be amazing, easy for you, and it will create lasting memories for you and those who you wish to share them with.

maternity photography in Maryland

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating Mine {Annapolis Kid Photography}

Well I haven't mentioned yet but one of my "resolutions" for this year (believe it or not) is to take regular photos of my own family....during my baby's 1st year I probably took 100 photos a day at times =) But then she started moving....and just got faster & faster!!! So photos became scarce, unfortunately, because the time I had with her I chose to just run with it, lol, pun intended =) You would think being a professional photographer I would have my camera attached at the hip but that's just not always the case. So since documenting family memories to preserve our heritage is a priority, I vow to take more photos of my own family this year =) Here are a few recent ones below.

I also added a couple of awesome photos from our Valentine's Day fun at the park with friends, not because their technically portfolio quality images (their actually just candids) but because they exude the excitement of childhood. I am so thankful to be able to relive this excitement with my daughter today =)

kid photography Marina collage

serious teapartying

kid photography hill sliding2

kid photography hill sliding, this is life!

kid photography Marlena

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating Love {Children's Product Photography}

Recently I was commissioned a few times now by Rhonda Feist of Vivi Dupioni. She specializes in high quality custom silk coordinates for events and weddings. I've seen first hand the beautiful pieces she creates and just fell In Love!!! So I thought it would be appropriate to highlight her products for Valentines Day here on the Bitsy Baby Photography Blog =)

Here are a few of the images from our most recent session.
You can also find Vivi Dupioni in Whole Foods of Annapolis and What's Up Annapolis-Weddings.

product photography 2

product photography 4

product photography

product photography 5

product photography 3

product photography, the designer!

If you are having a wedding or special event you should contact Rhonda!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family of 5 {Maternity Photography}

This maternity session at the Annapolis studio was one of the very best ever. This Momma (and Dad for that matter) was a bombshell, just look at her!!! And those kiddies were so well behaved! So here are some maternity photographs we captured that day as well as a cute grouping I happened to catch when sister went to do a little dance =) But even better yet we created a collection of heirloom wall pieces that will be passed on down the generations of their family. THAT makes me happy, that is why I do what I do: to celebrate new life and growing families & provide them beautiful fine art pieces to cherish and enjoy EVERY DAY they see them for decades to come =)
Will have more to share very soon as this little Mr is due to arrive any moment!!!

maternity photography AC

maternity photography AC2

Maternity photography AC3

canvas display maternity family

canvas display maternity photography 1 copy

canvas display child


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