Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet and Simple: Annapolis Photographers Capture the Beauty of Your Baby
Special Opportunity: We have one space for a petite baby session at the studio this Saturday April 12th.  These are limited to weekend availability and typically fill up completely but this week there is a space left.  If you have a newborn or baby in their 1st year then lets talk!!

Infant photography is all about the art of focus and knowing what is important about the pictures you take.  The honor and responsibility of crystallizing the earliest moments of a baby’s life is not one to be taken lightly.

Whether your little treasure is five days new or five years old, we never forget who the true star of life is, and we’ll capture the sweet and simple nature of your baby as he or she has never been before and will never be again.

Love at First Sight
Babies are blessed with inherent beauty from the moment they emerge from the womb.  To the parents in particular, that little face will bring an overwhelming flood of love and adoration unlike any you have felt before.  It is a connection that is wholly unique and wholly yours.  It is impossible to understand and priceless to experience.

As you try to capture each precious moment of sweetness, you marvel as the moments fly away and mark the subtle changes your baby experiences.  Don’t let the most important stages pass without being commemorated, no matter how forever clear they seem to you now.  Hold close these times in your heart and treasure the remembrance in physical form.

Staying True
Bitsy Baby is proud to photograph the little ones of Annapolis and beyond, displaying the simple sweetness of their tiny selves.  We do not use props to distract from your little one, instead staying true to the only thing you will want to look back and see: your baby.

As your baby grows, our focus grows with her, following her footsteps as she learns to navigate her surroundings.  We know the natural actions and expressions of your baby are enough to keep you fascinated for hours and want nothing more than her own self, artistically portrayed, for the photographs she is featured in.  

Proud to be among the finest Annapolis photographers, Bitsy Baby takes an organic approach to our photography design.  Our photo shoots are family-centered and the focus is on whatever is important for those involved.  Skilled photographers engage with little ones and ensure a welcoming environment whether it’s the first photo session or the hundredth.  

If you and your family are looking for a simple and natural way to hold onto your baby’s early days without all of the fanfare, trust us with the task.  We understand the importance of those first photos and how much it can mean to work with a team that truly cares.  

Sleeping, smiling or frowning, every move that he or she makes is worthy of record.  So we will be there to help you capture every moment that you can of your own bitsy baby.


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