Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Product Reviews at Baby To Be TV

Click here for another great baby product review from Linda at Baby To Be TV =)
Baby To Be TV

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Little Leena {Northern Virginia Baby Photographer}

Leena here is just a doll. Many thanks to her Mommy for putting her back to sleep time & again to continue getting these sleepy-dreamy images that she really desired. At 2 weeks old she was starting to wake up and say hello to the world a lot but here are some of her sleepier images for the family to take a peak at.

nova infant photographers

nova infant photographey

nova baby photography

nova baby photographers

nova baby photographers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Don't Want To Miss "Baby To Be"

I met the awesome Linda Rihani with Baby To Be Images and Baby To Be TV this afternoon. You have to subscribe to her vlog and receive all the latest reviews on great (and sometimes maybe not-so-great?) baby products =)

Baby Product Reviews in Video Blog Format!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Newborn Photography: Bloom and Grow in Maryland

newborn photographers in maryland

Why newborn photographs?

With the growth in popularity and demand for custom children’s photography, one very unique niche in the industry has begun to emerge as an art form of its own–the photography of our very smallest clients, the brand new members of our families–newborns. So often, parents who haven’t been exposed to the fine art style of newborn photography may shy away from this rare opportunity to capture the fleeting moments of their new arrival’s first days. They might picture a red-faced, grimacing baby swallowed up in clothing that is almost certainly too big for them–propped up in front of a backdrop, or carefully wedged in the corner of a couch. Parents might think–why newborn photographs? Why not wait until they are smiling, or until they can sit up, or at least until their eyes can focus?

Part of the joy and beauty of photographing children is getting the opportunity to enlighten parents regarding the unique opportunities that await them when they choose a custom children’s photographer; specifically, a photographer that specializes in newborns. The art of newborn photography is blossoming–parents are discovering the breathtaking beauty of seeing their perfect little one in a fine art photograph, while photographers themselves are exploring the depths of capturing the essence of a baby’s first days. There is nothing quite like the first few weeks in a baby’s life–never again will the physical features of your little one change so quickly.

Why so early?

It is because of the rapid disappearance of these newborn traits that most newborn photographers recommend an infant be photographed in his or her first ten days of life. Believe it or not, just a few weeks makes a major difference in a child’s development in those early days–and the goal of newborn photography is to capture the very first details of a baby’s journey in life. Newborn photographers are experts in recording and enhancing these details; it is crucial that babies are brand new, so they are still super-sleepy, and still like to maintain their favorite position, the “curl” that they had in their mother’s womb.

What is a newborn session like?

Custom children’s photographers who specialize in newborns will often photograph infants asleep, and almost always with a diaper only or in their bare skin. They are masters in lulling and keeping babies asleep, as well as in using creative techniques in posing and arranging to provide you with magical images of your young one at his or her tiniest.

Being a new mom is hard. It’s tiring, it’s demanding… but all mothers know it is also one of the most beautiful and divine experiences in the whole world. It is the newborn photographer’s goal to enhance these sublime first days by expertly carrying out the session and rewarding moms with a gorgeous record of their experience in the form of fine art prints, canvases, or my personal favorite, luxurious custom albums. Some photographers even provide clients with professionally designed custom birth announcements. Every newborn photographer has their own way of approaching these new little clients–and their mothers–but the common theme is simplicity and grace. I have had so many clients exclaim with surprise, “but it was so easy!” at the conclusion of a session. As you can expect with any newborn photographer, my newborn sessions are always very quiet, very relaxed, and very peaceful. Your photographer may have a studio, or he or she may prefer to come to you, in the quiet atmosphere of your own home. Your session will probably last 2-4 hours; newborn photographers are experienced in the ways of brand-new infants, so there is always ample time for nursing and changing.

newborn photographers in maryland 2

What if I want to do it myself?

Here are a few tips to photograph your newborn if you choose to do it yourself:

* avoid distracting clothing–the birthday suit or a plain cloth diaper is best, or a close-fitting onesie
* think warm–turn up the thermostat or get a space heater so your baby doesn’t get chilled while you shoot
* feed your little one before photographing–they will be more content and more likely to snooze and snuggle
* find even light–try to avoid direct sunlight or overly dark rooms; find a room where windows are letting in lots of indirect light
* try posing baby on a soft pillow or beanbag, covered in a soft, textured blanket
* don’t be afraid to try creative angles or ideas–try a knitted hat or a colorful swaddling blanket.
* don’t forget the details! be sure to capture the little toes, little fingers, little swirls of hair, and the sweet wrinkles in baby’s skin

Making the decision to capture your little one’s very first qualities, choosing to preserve your child’s very first days–investing in newborn photographs for your little one– this is something you will never regret. Your images will be treasured not only by you and your loved ones, but by your baby himself as he grows, and for generations to come.

article posted with permission & written by Sarah Dobbins Photography

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DC Newborn Photography 101: Tips for Baby's First Photos

Getting your child’s first photos taken is a big job and one that can lead to anxiety as well as joy. If you work with a trusted company, such as Bitsy Baby, a DC newborn photography company, you know you are going to walk away from the studio with photos that will capture the hearts of anyone who sees them. Even with the best photographer out there, though, it pays to take some time to plan for these first photos.
The following are some tips to help you to get the best results possible from the DC newborn photography company you are working with.
In Love

• The key to good photography with young babies is having patience. There is simply no other way to put it. As soon as you lose your cool, so will the baby and that often means more stress and poor pictures too.
• Work with an expert photographer who specializes in great baby photography. This is important. Not all photographers have the ability to work well with young babies. Those that do have this ability are the ones that get the best shots possible, even in some of the worst situations. For example, DC newborn photography company Bitsy Baby specializes in working with infants and the photographer has the ability to get the shot even in less than ideal situations.
• Be sure you have reasonable expectations. Do not assume that your baby or child will do well for ten shots. Rather, focus on just a few great shots for the best results. In addition to the number of shots taken, also realize that the number of outfits will also matter. If you keep changing the baby’s clothing, he or she may become irritated, which does not lead to the type of pictures you are looking for.
• Be creative but simple with props. Choose a knit hat and small basket for a cute shot with a six month old. On the other hand, for a newborn, consider simple things, such as the baby sleeping on a beautiful blanket. Consider using just yourself as a prop, too. A mother and baby shot is a priceless picture that you will all remember for years to come.
New Mommy {Fort Meade Baby Photographer}

• Choose the right time to take the baby’s pictures. Sooner the better for your newborn. If your baby is on a schedule, make your appointment for photos just after the child has taken a bottle or nap. Try to avoid the child having to be woken up in the normal sleep time too.
Some of these things may seem very simple but the fact is, these small things add up to great pictures. It is all about controlling the environment and having an experienced photographer to ensure that you get the type of photo you are looking for. Perhaps the best news is that when working with a professional DC newborn photography company that specializes in these beautiful photos, you are sure to get the patience needed to have a great looking finished product. Bitsy Baby is one company to turn to for just that type of attention.

New Daddy {Fort Meade Baby Photographer}

Maryland Maternity Photography Ideas and Poses for Moms to Be

Maryland Maternity Photography Ideas and Poses for Moms to Be

There are many important moments that occur during the months leading up to the birth of a child. But perhaps there are none more memorable than the photos you can look back on. Maryland maternity photography company Bitsy Baby provides moms-to-be with these types of memorable photos. One question many have is how to capture those intimate moments. It can be hard to come up with your own ideas, but the following are some suggestions to get you thinking in the right direction.


The Photographer
One of the most important things to consider when getting Maryland maternity photography is the photographer him or herself. There are many talented professionals available, but your goal should be to select a company and a photographer that specializes in Maryland maternity photography. A good way to know about the quality of the potential photographs is simply by looking at work previously done by the photographer. Many will show you examples of what they have created.
In addition to this, be sure that you listen to your professional. The key is that this professional will help you to feel comfortable and right at home taking the photos. They are experts in creating beautiful pictures even when women are not so confident in their own abilities. If you have invested in the right Maryland maternity photography company, then listen to the advice the photographer has to offer.


More Tips
If you want to try and come up with a few design options on your own, keep in mind the following tips as you select a Maryland maternity photography studio to work with.
• Consider the location where you want the photos taken. Consider areas where there is natural light streaming in. You may want to consider a beach, walking in the sand in a wispy garment. On the other hand, consider standing in front of a mirror, with your hands on your expectant belly.
• Think about the props involved. Select items such as satin sheets for their glimmer. You can place baby toys on your belly for an interesting look and to help tell the story.
• Consider who will be in the photos with you. Many mothers to be want to incorporate the father to be in the photos. You may also want to have your other children as part of the photos.
These are all great suggestions to get you started, but it is also important to consider your own goals and ideas. Focus on the options available to you from your photographer as well as your own ideas.
When you are looking for information, ideas or just the right layout for your photos, talk to a company you can trust. Consider working with Bitsy Baby, a Maryland maternity photography company that specializes in ensuring that the mother to be is comfortable. The completed photos are sure to be nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful displays of a new life.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Savannah {Photography Studio Annapolis}

I haven't seen little Savannah since she was born, a whole 3 months ago =) I absolutely love her name, it reminds me of a ray of sunshine which she is exactly that! Here are a few samples from her and her beautiful family's session at the Annapolis studio.

I am so thankful you have found me again guys; it will be such a joy being a part of this joyous season for your family.

new baby family photographer annapolis studio

new baby photographer annapolis studio
baby photography studio annapolis maryland

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guess Whose Two? {Annapolis Baby Photographer}

Wow, this week was a whirlwind of belly & baby sessions, family visits & a birthday party. I was thrilled to have family come visit from Arizona and celebrate my Marina's 2nd birthday =) She wasn't into the chocolate cake too much (I won't complain there) but she certainly is making use of all her new toys! Here are a couple shots of her 2 year shoot we did.

Marina turns 2

My baby is not a baby anymore
Marina loves her bear

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Samuel: dreamy, sleepy, tender newborn {Maryland Baby Studio Annapolis}

ok guys, get ready for some cuddly cuteness here today with little Mr Samuel. Weighing in at a little over 6 pounds he was truly a perfect doll! I think my most favorite part of this session was having mom & dad relaxing (& cuddling =) on the sofa watching my assistant and I work together to create the dreamy, sleepy, tender images of their baby. He even obliged us with some awesome shots of his bright baby blues and proudly donated his belly button to me during the session =) Of course I gave it back to Mom.

I hope you enjoy this preview Mom & Dad, your family is beautiful inside & out!

baby photographers maryland

baby photographers annapolis washington dc

baby photographers baltimore marland

baby photographers dc metro

baby photographers annapolis maryland

baby photographers annapolis 96

baby photographers studio annapolis maryland

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Momma Coming Soon {Maryland Maternity Photography}

Introducing beautiful Lindsey; one of the winners of my mini-maternity session give-away at the Lil' Lamb Shop Mommy's Night Out. A little rain didn't scare this Momma away, she came prepared- rain boots & all, loved that! We ended up getting some great shots out at my Edgewater studio.

Thanks for coming out even in the wet weather guys, loved meeting you.

Maternity photos on location

Belly photos on location

Maternity black and white

new parent joy!

Baby Carter aka Mr Sleepy {Annapolis Newborn Photography Studio}

I wish for every newborn photographer out there a little Mr Sleepy like Baby Carter here. He was the dreamiest ever at only 5 days old. Here are a few samples for the new Mom & Dad!

We had a grand time with you guys and sweet little Carter. It is going to be great following him through his first year!

annapolis newborn studio 31

Newborn in wooden bowl

sleepy newborn photos 1

annapolis newborn studio 37

annapolis newborn studio 33

Annapolis Newborn Studio 30


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