Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day from Bitsy Baby Photography

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My husband has served in our US Navy for over 20 years so I know the challenges and sacrifices a military family makes. Though your children may not always be in your arms when you are away we know they will always be with your heart =) I recognize all military with a 10% off Thank You when booking with us. It's just a small way to say I appreciate your service!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maryland Birth Network

We are now a member of this awesome network - The Maryland Birth Network. It's a wonderful resource for all things birth and baby. We have been spotlighted there recently, so be sure to check them out!

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Who is the Maryland Birth Network?

They are an independent group of childbirth professionals and families founded on the belief that birth is a normal, natural process that can deeply affect our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Their mission is to improve the quality of maternity care throughout Maryland by supporting and educating local childbearing families and health care professionals.

MBN promotes mother-friendly maternity care, encourages informed health care decisions, and strives to improve our community’s birth culture.

Maryland Birth Network members collectively believe that birth is a normal event that brings with it memories that last a lifetime.

What They Do

  • They educate, support and empower pregnant families throughout the birth process; and build bridges with experienced, educated and encouraging professionals to see it through.
  • They host monthly meetings and workshops where birthing professionals and new or expecting parents are able to connect and openly discuss issues within a trusted network of support.
  • They promote awareness and availability of mother-friendly birth professionals to help families make fully informed choices by publishing MBN's on-line provider directory and the Maryland Birth Resource Guide; a free guide, listing local providers who are committed to providing gentle, compassionate services to pregnant families.
  • They plan a variety of childbirth-related community activities such as our annual Birth Fair, well-known speakers, film screenings, booths at local fairs and participation in national and local conferences.

Be sure to check out them out at

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moments with Mom {baby photography celebrating Mother's Day}

The celebration at our photography studio in Annapolis for our Moments with Mom event last week was beyond words!!! So many of our clients came in with their babies and children and I was able to capture some beautiful moments of them connecting and enjoying each other. I had not seen half of them since the babies were newborns so what a joy to see them growing so big. The focus of our Moments with Mom event was on each mom enjoying a moment with her child, here are just a FEW moments from the day =)

Happy Mother's Day to all our friends and clients!

East Coast baby photography

Annapolis infant photography

East coast child and kid photography

baby photography studio

East coast baby photography

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DC baby photography

baby photography laughing baby

baby photography studio in Maryland

baby photography in Maryland

baby photography in Annapolis

baby photography studio Annapolis

child photography in maryland

mom and baby photography DC

16x20 canvas group

16x24 canvas group

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Waiting {Maryland Maternity and Baby Photography}

One word comes to my mind as I see so many Moms in their last months of pregnancy: waiting.

maternity photography Maryland quiet waters park

There is another time that the word "waiting" comes to mind though, when a couple is waiting for those 2 bars to present themselves on that white stick: the wait to be pregnant. It took my husband and I five years to conceive our miracle, the waiting was exhausting and depressing at times and unless a woman has gone through this they do not understand what this waiting (and Mother's Day) can do to your heart and mind. I pray for strength and patience if you are going through a season of waiting, for a soft heart and a mind at peace and that your waiting will be over soon.

Then I celebrate motherhood with all those that have made it through their seasons of waiting! I am thankful to be such a big part of capturing this love with all of you moms, it brings joy to my heart every single time I see you look at your baby.

Happy Mother's Day!!

newborn photography with mom

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Becoming A Mom {Newborn Photography with Moms}

I talk to new Mom's almost every day when they call our newborn photography studio. I can always see the joy and excitement even through the phone when they say "we are having our first baby" or "I just found out I am pregnant". And yes, I get calls from Mom's who are very newly pregnant ready to schedule their portraits to celebrate this season! I enjoy reading as much as I can about the experience of being a Mom of all sorts--the stay-at-home Mom, the work-from-home Mom, the professional office Mom, the business owner Mom, so many different experiences but for every Mom there is that one common thread, the LOVE they already have for their baby! I wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day this week =)

Here is an article I enjoyed regarding about Motherhood and the new role we are born into when we have a baby!

New Baby= New Mom in Annapolis

As we all know, a baby changes everything.

Those changes are wonderful (you have a new little person to love) and terrifying (you have a new little person to care for 24/7). Sometimes, in the excitement of the moment, women and their partners lose sight of how a baby can redefine a woman's priorities, relationships and sense of self. The transitions that come with motherhood involve going from no children to having a child (or multiple children), and they typically require that a woman either balance work and family or switch gears from pursuing a career to staying home full-time with kids. Each scenario is a major life change that can be both energizing and overwhelming.

grayscale image

The First-Time Mom

While you're thrilled to have a baby of your own, you'll be shocked by how this tiny being will consume every moment of your life. The realization will make you kick yourself for never having fully appreciated the freedom you once had. Other changes: Your childless friends won't understand why you don't return their calls and emails. Your home will become less tidy. You'll neglect the beloved pet you once doted upon. You'll continue to wear maternity clothes for a while -- since your real clothes don't fit and, besides, you're getting spit-up on so often.

Some advice: Try, as best you can, to live in and enjoy the moment. Your first child's first year is a fascinating journey. Take pictures on his or her monthly birthdays and you'll be awed by the changes occurring so quickly before your eyes. Try not to agonize too much about your career, your body, your social life, your "To Do List." At least once in a while, nap when the baby naps, and enjoy cuddling your sleeping son or daughter in your quiet home.

dc newborn photographer Sebastian

Becoming a Mom, Again

When your kid count increases, you'll likely look back on your days as a mother of one and wonder, "What was I complaining about? Why couldn't I get anything done? One was so easy." The challenge of having more than one child is that there's still only one you. Two or more kids are a job unto themselves.

Some advice: Do your best to not disappear beneath the demands made by your growing family. As a mother of three, including twins, I often feel that all I do is respond to the needs of my offspring and attempt to contain the chaos left in their wake. The Three Kids vs. One Mom dynamic is often very tough. When possible, I try to disappear (into my home office or by leaving the house alone or with my husband). I also try to spend one-on-one time with each child. That way we can be together without me shouting things like, "Hold on," "Just wait," "I'm one person, you guys are three.")

Treasured New Baby {Maryland Newborn Photography}

Surviving Stay-at-Home Motherhood

When two incomes aren't absolutely essential to a family's economic well-being, having a mother leave the workforce to care for kids is often looked at as the solution to all work-family problems. But for a woman who had a career and active life before becoming an at-home parent, the transition to stay-at-home motherhood can be filled with a host of mixed emotions.

In Love

Posted with permission from Pregnancy.Org, LLC. Be sure to read the full article HERE!


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