Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Newborn Photographer Captures Holiday Wonder & Magic

A Newborn Photographer Captures Holiday Wonder & Magic

The month of December is by far the most "magical" month of the year.  Between the joys of the approaching holidays and the impending snowfall, which creates a beautiful backdrop for almost every scene, December is very special.

As the parent of a newborn, it's important for you to know that you've captured these special moments in your baby's life. There's no better gift that you could give yourself and your family than newborn photographs that will keep these memories etched in your mind long after your little one has gone off to college.

The Magic of the Season

Remember when you were a small child?  The month of December held so much promise for you.  As your family gathered together to celebrate, each day seemed like it held its own magic; even long before Christmas Day arrived.  The love and joy that's ever-present during this important time of the year was shared with you in very special ways.  It's a time when family and friends enjoy delicious dinners and decadent desserts.  It's a time of bright lights and beautiful decorations that can't help but bring a smile to your face.

However, all too soon, those special moments are gone.  December rolls into New Year's Day, and we all begin thinking about the "to-dos" of the New Year.  Remember, it's important to capture these precious moments during the most magical time of year!

The Importance of a Newborn Photographer

As a
newborn photographer, I understand your need to hang on to those special occasions forever.  I also have unique ways to "capture the magic,” giving you beautiful, classic photos that you'll immediately fall in love with.  Your baby will only be this little once.  Even though your friends and family will be cooing over your son or daughter for years to come, there's something different about the month of December.  Like every parent, you'll probably purchase some festive clothes to help your baby "look the part" of a Christmas angel.  Those clothes will be far too snug this time next year.

I love the innocence and purity that lies within the eyes of a newborn baby during the winter months.  I absolutely adore being able to capture the reflection of Christmas lights in their eyes.  There's also something special about catching your little one snoozing on a blanket of white, wearing a Santa hat (because who doesn't want to witness their little bundle in an over-sized Santa hat!).  During this season, the possibilities for great newborn pictures are endless.

Capturing The Memories

There are so many special memories to be made during this holiday season.  Without photographs to commemorate them, those memories will fade all too soon as your baby grows.  As your dedicated
newborn photographer, I make it my personal mission to be sure that doesn't happen.  Contact me today to set up your newborn baby's appointment. I'll capture the beauty of the season (and your baby) in a way that you'll remember for all time.

*a guest post that was missed in December, so let's just say we are early for 2013 =)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Virginia Beach Welcomes Newborn Photographer Bitsy Baby Photography!

Bitsy Baby Photography now offers professional baby photography services to the Virginia Beach, VA area!!

Bitsy Baby Photography is now booking limited lifestyle sessions in the Virginia Beach and surrounding areas for 2013 due dates.   A unique opportunity to capture this dream-like season of life and all the tiny details that certainly do not remain so tiny.

Today as I was making Christmas gifts with my daughter's baby portraits I couldn't help but to tear up.  I went through all the images of the short time after birth when she was only a tiny little babe in my arms day &  night.  It was a dream ...... the most beautiful memories of my life as I welcomed her into my family, into my arms, into my heart.  Lifestyle sessions capture this sweet emotion and all the treasured details and moments that otherwise would be only hazy memories in those weeks after your baby is born.  Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Bitsy Baby Photography will become your family heirlooms, treasured keepsakes for many generations and truly priceless pieces of art for your family.

Contact via the contact page on the website here www.bitsybaby.com to be one of the limited newborn photography sessions offered in Virginia.  Check us out on Facebook here to see our latest news and baby photographs.

About the Artist:
Rita Lawrence is a professional baby photographer specializing in the season of newborn baby portraits to the one year old birthday milestone. Through her baby photography workshops she also teaches photographers how to start and run a profitable Baby's First Year business such as hers. Workshops are one to one and offer curriculum for business, session/model experience, and post-processing.


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