Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DC Newborn Photographer Captures the Miracle of Life

Not many words came to me when I saw this image while going through his gallery...mostly just caught my breath and said a little thank you for the opportunity to be where I am at this time =)

DC Newborn Photographer captures the miracle of life

Blooming Baby Photography in Maryland

I will admit, my photography is my full time that I mean I must pay my bills and help feed my family with my earnings. Yet it is also my passion and purpose in life. I believe preserving family memories and moments for all my client families is one reason I live.

So my most popular package is the Blooming Baby Bundle, the first year package where families comes in multiple times a year to capture all the first milestones of their baby. It is such a beautiful thing to grow, not only a business relationship with these folks but we often become friends....I get to know who they are on a more personal level...we discuss more than just their portrait sessions throughout the year as we stay in touch and plan out the next milestone session and it moves my soul. I enjoy being more than The Photographer, I enjoy the friendships we are growing =) I truly truly am thankful to all of you for trusting me to preserve your heritage and be a part of your family as your photographer and friend.

Here is one dear family that I have been working with since their baby was born. This is just a little montage of images from birth =) We have one more session and that will be his 1st Birthday, cake included!

A dream come true!

newborn scale 2010

baby with family annapolis photo studio

blue baby eyes annapolis photo studio

baby in scale annapolis photo studio

8 month baby in scale =)

adorable at 8 months sitting pretty!

Baby Photography Maryland 8 months Blooming Baby

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babies Coming Soon {Maternity Photography in Annapolis}

We have had so many inquiries for summer due dates, we're pretty full for May and June already actually. We always book minimal due dates each week to ensure we can provide the level of service Bitsy Baby is known for but our schedule is even more limited for this summer: we have joint business ventures in California, family weddings and graduations, and a much needed vacation out of the country I hope =) I'll keep you posted on that one.

So here is a beautiful Momma that came in to capture this season of her life as they welcome their first baby. These images show some of the "reflecting" moods during the session, there are always various moods expressed...laughing, reflecting on the baby, sometimes crying! Grandma attended the session since Dad is out of town serving in the military. At one point I turned to ask Grandma how she felt about seeing her "baby" now with baby and she had her hand over her mouth in words necessary for that one! Maternity sessions are quite personal and emotional. Most of the clients we work with are having their first or last child and are ready to celebrate this moment. I am blessed to be a part of this special season for so many families =)

And a big thank you to Modern Millinery for providing our hat to model, she does amazing work, stop by and check her out!

maternity photography Modern Millenery

maternity photography wall canvas

maternity photography black and white

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is how it begins! {DC Professional Photography}

For those of you that do not already know, for several years my specialty was professional wedding photography and in Hawaii no less. It was my dream come true and I thought I would never do anything else.....then I finally had my baby and realized that dreams can grow and even change =)
I then decided to move into capturing the season of new life for my clients and that is usually all I do now, bellies to babies through their first year. Every so often though I still take the opportunity to celebrate how it all begins for a family!
This is a friend of my husband's and I photographed their portraits before their wedding last week in Washington, DC.

I wish you guys the best and look forward to hearing back when you have a little one on the way =)

DC professional photography

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Birthday Boy {Annapolis Baby Photography Studio}

Luka and his family came to celebrate his ONE year birthday at the studio recently.....I have to admit this was a bittersweet session. Luka has been one of my Blooming Babies so I've been able to capture all his first year of milestones. It has been a joy to watch his family bloom and grow and be a part of their memories. I know they will enjoy and cherish all his portraits for many generations.

birthday baby photography

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Miracle {Newborn Baby Photography}

Meet little Jr, a sweet newbie who graced the studio recently. Every dear soul we work with in the studio touches my heart and I consider myself blessed and privileged to be one of the first people to witness the miracle they are!

newborn photography in wire basket

newborn photography pilot hat Jr

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How To Buy A Digital Camera

Ready to buy a digital camera? Are you a little overwhelmed with talk of mega pixels, memory cards, and optical zooms? Here are a few recommendations to help get you started on buying the perfect digital camera for you!

Mega pixels: To put it simply, the more mega pixels the better! A 2-mega pixel camera is fine for snapshots with your iPhone. If you want to produce 8-by-10-inch prints, you'll need at least a 4 mega pixel camera. 8 and 12 mega pixel cameras will yield even larger prints and allow you to blow up part of an image with less likelihood that the print will be blurry. Any time you crop your original image you are taking away from the quality so extra little tip here: shoot tighter and crop less =)

Batteries: To save money, look for a camera that includes a rechargeable battery and charger. Some cameras can use AA batteries of any type--disposable or rechargeable, which is convenient and cost effective as well. All DSLR cameras I know of do use rechargeable batteries. If you will be on a long day of shooting, maybe a vacation or family outing, have an extra battery on hand. One big battery-drainer is using your LCD screen to review your images, if you are running low on battery turn the screen to OFF to save a little battery!

Zoom: For hand-held purse cameras get at least 2X optical zoom. Most cameras offer digital zoom, but it results in photos that aren't nearly as good as those produced with an optical zoom. If you have a DSLR you will likely find it convenient to have a lens that zooms, especially if you are photographing children. The kit lens (lens that comes with your camera purchase) will do you well for your first year maybe two of shooting. Eventually

Memory Cards: Memory cards are how you'll store your images. While a camera may have on-board memory it usually is not very much and memory cards should be purchased. The more cards you have or the larger size (1 Gigabyte is larger than 528 Megabytes), the more photos you can take without having to erase images.

Try It: If possible, hold the camera and take some pictures before making your purchase. Unlike film, the smaller hand-held digital cameras have a "lag time" between when you press the shutter button and when the camera actually takes the picture. Make sure the lag time is acceptable to you, if you are photographing moving babies or children chances are the lag time will be highly disappointing. In that case you want to move up to a DSLR where there is no lag time.

The digital revolution is changing photography. Get out there and find your perfect match so you can start shooting =)

I realize there are many other details to consider when purchasing a camera, please feel free to shoot me a question on our Bitsy Baby Facebook page if you need further help =)

signature until I find a better font =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Spring Itsy Bitsy {baby & child photography in Maryland}

The Itsy Bitsy Bundle is a special petite session open by invitation only to previous clients and those connected on our Bitsy Baby e-News.

baby photography itsy bitsy bundle

When: Saturday, April 16, 2011
Where: Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis MD
Time: Sessions are scheduled every half-hour between 2pm-5pm
For: Babies & children 3 months +, 3 members of the same family

Details: These petite sessions are perfect for capturing individual portraits of your children or the current milestone of your baby. We do not work towards group images of multiple children since time is limited. If you are looking for capturing a larger collection of images including sibling shots and family group portraits please inquire about our full custom sessions.

You will receive:
  • a protected online gallery to download all of your images for your personal use. Images are printable up to 8x10. 15+ images in a mix of color and b/w.
  • one 8x10 ready-to-hang image of your choice
Cost: $325 ($675 value)

**The images included in this post are samples from previous Itsy Bitsy sessions with Bitsy Baby Photography.

baby photography

baby photography in annapolis on location

kid photography annapolis maryland

If you would like to be included in our e-News contact to receive all the latest updates and special news, please send an email to with "Include Me" as the subject!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet the Artist at the Bitsy Baby Gallery Showing April 9th in Annapolis, Maryland

baby photographer in Annapolis

A wonderful opportunity to meet Rita and discuss your dreams for creating your families heirlooms. You will see portraits on display, meet other Bitsy Baby families, and hear from Rita as she tells of her love for capturing life's precious moments. Be among the first to see Rita's new designs, hear of exciting upcoming Bitsy Baby events, register for the summer Baby Steps workshops, and have a chance to win prizes.

Personalized Jewelry for Moms by Tina Steinberg

In 2003, Tina Steinberg's search for a “mom's bracelet” led her to begin creating custom pieces for mom's everywhere. Tina's special niche is based on what her customers covet: simple, yet unordinary personal jewelry. Unique and understated combinations of materials frequently centered around her handmade pendants and charms create one-of-a-kind pieces. Her 'Love Touch Collection', silver charms and pendants customized with your loved ones fingerprints is a must-have for moms who want a creative way to archive a moment in time with their children.

What began as a dream has flourished into a dynamic “artpreneurship” that continues to touch many lives. Her work is influenced by her beautiful and patient family, amazing circle of friends, and supportive clients. Tina's personalized approach is born from her rich upbringing in a large Mexican-Italian family that instilled the gifts of wicked humor, a strong work ethic, and a love of diversity.

We are featuring Tina's designs during the March 19th Baby Steps workshop, where attendees will be introduced to these unique pieces. I myself already completed the fingerprinting with Tina’s convenient mail kit process and am excited to receive my necklace shortly =)

Tina Steinberg Designs

Where to find Tina:


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