Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Popular Newborn Portraits

Professional Newborn Portraits offered at Bitsy Baby Photography

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Newborns must be due during the month of May to mid-July.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Maryland Photographers Capture the Beauty in Growing Babies

Maryland Photographers Capture the Beauty in Changing Seasons and Growing Babies

Spring is finally here! In Maryland that can only mean one thing: fantastic photography. My fellow Maryland photographers know what I’m talking about. 
There’s just something about watching nature come out of hibernation. You wake up one morning and the world is in bloom all around you. The wonder, the beauty, the fresh start; spring is life’s cyclic metaphor. This metaphor is part of why we love our job at the studio so much.

Capturing the Nature of Newborns
Another thing that Maryland photographers know a lot about is the nature of capturing your subject in the lens. For us, that subject is ever-changing.  It starts with maternity photography, then there’s the newborn phase, and all of the milestones of a baby’s first year. This is a cycle that is often repeated, but always unique. For that reason, springtime is one of our favorite times of year to shoot.
No other season quite encapsulates how precious this first year is. It is the perfect complement to how a baby grows and changes. There’s so much about the wonder of that first spring that makes me smile. When we think about all of the things a little one discovers, we can’t help but smile. Nature has a way of bringing a child’s personality to the forefront.
Whether it’s watching them enjoy a new sensation like cool water or a soft breeze, or letting them play in a new environment, or just being there when they figure out how to do something new, Maryland photographers can catch these keepsakes - keepsakes that can be frozen in time against the subtle backdrop of nature, also in transition. 

Transitions to Treasure
Every parent remembers the first time their baby laughs. Something about the pure joy of that moment sticks with you. It’s burned in your memory forever. 
Other moments, while remarkable when they occur, are more difficult to recall as time passes. The beauty and luxury of spring is that it’s never far from our reach, just as we begin to forget what it feels like, the season is here to remind us again. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the seasons in your child’s life.
These seasons are limited. They come once and then they are gone. The details within them can become distant and hard to fully recall. That’s why photography is important. It earmarks something memorable and makes it timeless.
You’ll not only remember a baby’s first laugh, you’ll have collected their looks of surprise, wonder, curiosity, cautious study, and peaceful sleep. That’s only a glimpse at what the work of Maryland photographers can do. To understand the priceless value of our work, you should experience it for yourself. 
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, spring is the perfect season to get started on your own collection of keepsakes. Don’t let the beauty of this short season pass. Schedule a photo session today and let us help you capture the transitions in your child’s life that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springtime Fun with a Maryland Newborn Photographer

Springtime Fun with a Maryland Newborn Photographer

Spring is a season of rebirth and growth. As a newborn photographer in Maryland, it’s probably one of the seasons we love the most. Not only are the wildflowers in bloom and nature awakened, but it’s the perfect time to capture that springtime fun with your baby. 
A lot of parents are awe-struck and pleased to see the expansive, yet intimate beauty that we can capture during a springtime photo shoot. That’s part of the reason the Annapolis / Edgewater studio is one of our favorite places to be, no matter the season. There’s just something about the natural, comfortable backdrops that bring something special to the photographs.
Don’t get me wrong, your baby will always be the center of attention with our newborn photographer. But the nature and spirit of Maryland have so much to offer adding to those special moments caught through the lens. 
Whether it’s the way the light coming in through a window perfectly captures the nuance of your baby’s face, or the freedom of sibling candids as they pose (and play) in the woods; maybe it’s the joy on the parent’s faces as they introduce their son or daughter to springtime fun for the first time. Whatever it is, all we can say as a newborn photographer is that there’s something about a Maryland spring that is fresh and reviving.
With that said, the canvas we work within is adaptable. We do both in-studio and in-home appointments for the older babies. No matter the stage of pregnancy or parenthood you are in, I work at your pace and in your comfort zone. My specialty starts with maternity and continues all the way through baby’s first year. There are plenty of milestones to catch along the way. 
We know what it takes to work with:
  • Expectant parents
  • Newborns
  • Toddlers
  • Siblings
It is our goal to keep everyone involved happy, healthy, and comfortable during every shoot. As we move through those early months of your child’s life, you will see them really come out of their shell.  We will be able to capture the smiles, the laughs, the naps, and the personality that makes your child who they are.
One of our favorite things to hear as a newborn photographer is: you really captured the personality and unique traits within my child. The best part is that you can hold onto your child and those memories for years to come with these photographs. So go ahead, book your springtime photo shoot today! It will bring you smiles for years to come. See your baby as you always hoped to - in the beautiful backdrop that Maryland has to offer. You'll be glad you did. 


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