Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Sebastian {DC and Bowie Newborn Photographer}

And yes, Sebastian truly was a sweetie. At nearly 2 weeks old this newborn baby still slept .. a baby =) Here are some sneak peak photos of his session. He is the third of a growing collection of beautiful boys for this Mom and Dad. The white outfit was made by Grandma; each grandchild gets their very own hand-made clothes at birth that are sure to become family heirlooms.

newborn photographers dc

maryland infant photographer

dc newborn photographer Sebastian

dc newborn photographer sebastian

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annapolis Newborn Photographs, Capturing the Essence of Your Precious Addition

If you are expecting your first baby, chances are the pregnancy has passed in a blur. Time seems to speed up, but if you think the pregnancy is going fast, wait until the baby arrives! It will appear as if you have stepped into a time warp, and the only thing you will have to remind you of when your precious little one was actually “little” are Annapolis newborn photographs. The newborn phase of a child’s life is considered approximately one month long – and that month will feel like it has passed in a heartbeat.

Since this stage of a child’s life passes so fast, you have to act fast to preserve the wonderful memories. Annapolis newborn photographs are the best way to accomplish this. With the services of a professional photographer expert in working with newborns, you will receive fabulous images capturing the essence of your baby’s first few days in the world. This is not only a priceless gift to yourself, but to your baby and the rest of the family.

There is a huge choice of poses, wardrobes, and styles from which to choose. An expert photographer, specializing in Annapolis newborn photographs, can suggest different scenarios to suit your baby and the look you’re going for. These sessions are not usually short – usually two to three hours. Typically an experienced photographer can get so many great shots it will be difficult to settle on just a few.

For newborns, the general consensus of professional photographers is that “less is more”. A simple basket, a favorite blanket, and a naked baby can provide beautiful images. Consider featuring an heirloom quilt or baby blanket crafted by a family member. You may also include poses with the family, or poses including a favorite toy, book, or any kind of family heirloom you can think of. The possibilities for great Annapolis newborn photographs are literally endless, dependent only on the creativity and imagination of both you and your photographer.

Sometimes, the best photographs are candid. There are photographers available that would be more than happy to shoot on location at your home, in a favorite park, or in the studio – the choice is yours. Shooting at home is a great idea; because it’s there that the new family might be most comfortable. However, since newborns do a lot of sleeping, they will do fine no matter the location.

Once you have your first child, the time seems to whip by at the speed of light. Investing in professional Annapolis newborn photographs means you will always have the images to remind you of one of the most special times in the life of you and your baby.

What Annapolis Maternity Photograph Session is Right for You?

There is no image more beautiful than that of a pregnant woman. It is a very special time in a woman’s life, fleeting and yet full of promise. One way to capture the memories of this amazing experience is through a professional Annapolis maternity photograph. It is something you will treasure forever – but what Annapolis maternity photograph session is right for you? What are your options and what can you expect? Here are a few ideas:

• All By Yourself: Also known as a “Madonna” session, these Annapolis maternity photographs are taken of just you. The photographer will use lighting and shading in the session to complement and highlight the gorgeous curves of your body, with special attention to the beautiful “baby bump”. These sessions can be done inside or outside, typically with tight fitting clothes to show off the belly. These sessions are also often the easiest to schedule.
• You in the Boudoir: Think Demi Moore on the cover of Vogue. These sessions are usually done with little or no clothing, and can be nerve wracking to some women. However, an expert in Annapolis maternity photographs will do their best to put you at ease and with a little creativity shoot photos that are tasteful, sexy, and creative. Stretch marks can be artfully hidden or even eliminated after the photos are shot.
• Include the Family: Siblings often feel left out of the proceedings when the family is expecting a new baby. An Annapolis maternity photograph in the last days of the pregnancy can be a way for everyone to bond before the baby arrives. Most children are thrilled to point to the picture and tell everyone, “I knew the baby before he got here!” This is also another poignant family moment and a memory to cherish.
• You Plus Me Equals Three: Another popular type of session is one with just mom and dad. This will be the last portrait of just the two of you before baby arrives and the whole world changes. You can be as daring or conservative as you wish, depending on the ultimate goal of the photos.
• The Girl’s Night Out: Another trending session for an Annapolis maternity photograph is best friends who are expecting around the same time. If you have a “bestie” with which you have shared years of friendship, this might be a perfect session for you. Why not commemorate one of the most amazing experiences together with the perfect Annapolis maternity photograph? You will never have a moment like this again.

No matter which session you choose, you will have an Annapolis maternity photograph unique and precious, a memory in image of what your body was like before baby arrives. Memories like this are priceless, and should be preserved for you, for baby, and for family.

annapolis maternity photograph

Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Home Baby James {Maryland Newborn Baby Photographer}

Meet the newest Blooming Bitsy Baby. This was my first newborn session where Grand's from both sides were there to join in on the fun; I loved that. Then as if the day wasn't perfect enough with such a sleepy baby, I was able to incorporate vintage props including an heirloom blanket knitted by Great Grandma which Dad himself came home from the hospital in. I look forward to sharing more of this handsome boy as he grows during his 1st year =)

This is a few more photos than I usually post because they will be trying to choose something for the announcements from this sneak peak =)

newborn photographer annapolis

baby james blue blanket

baby james blue hat storyboard

Baby James and his family

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Lincoln {Annapolis Newborn Baby Photographer}

Just in case you are wondering, yes, little Lincoln here was named after our nation's 16th (and 1st Republican) president! It's been such a joy following this sweet family from maternity merriment to the birth of their precious baby.

Annapolis baby Photographer

Annapolis baby Photographer

Little Lincoln

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chasing Butterflies {Alexandria Child Photographer}

4 sweet sisters + immaculate landscaping + overcast sky but no rain = Perfect Session for Bitsy Baby Photography =) I have to admit my heart was tugging at me during this session since I am from a family of 4 girls myself...and it's been well decades since we all frolicked together like this. From chasing butterflies to being transported to magic islands we covered a lot of fun here! And we even got in a photo of Mom & Dad and a few of Baby Elaina in her christening gown which all 4 girls have now worn!

virginia child photographer

baby christening photographer

alexandria baby photographer

Virginia portrait photographer

The Itsy Bitsy Bundle {Annapolis Baby Photography}

Now Scheduling the Exclusive ITSY BITSY BUNDLE for this fall/winter:
Weekend sessions are limited and can be scheduled on: Sept 11, Oct 9, & Nov 13
Weekend sessions will be held in Edgewater, MD and can be either studio style, an outdoor scene, or both (example photos below)
*Weekday sessions are also available
amount: $275

* A mini-session lasting 30-40 min. for one family
* Your images on CD: I will delete unusable images, eyes closed, etc. There will be at least 20 files, usually more. They will receive basic edits and will be a mix of color & b/w.
* Printing release with instructions and recommendations for your printing if needed. (Files are printable up to 8×10)
* and your choice of one of the following items:

1. Pack of 25 flat Press Printed Greeting Cards with the photo of your choice; these are high quality fine art cards not simply a photo card. There will be a few styles to choose from.
2. 1 fully retouched 8×10 enlargement of your favorite image. The enlargement is a metallic print with smooth satin laminate, mounted, and ready to display.
3. 2 matching mini-accordian gift books with 10 images from your session

{Delivery time for your CD and products is about 2 weeks}

*and remember referrals earn you prints or complimentary sessions so forward this blog pos to anyone you know that will be interested.
*other ways of sharing Bitsy Baby are: post the website link on your Facebook, blog about Bitsy Baby on your blog, tell your banker, teacher, postman, and Dr about Bitsy Baby =)

Fall Winter Collage

Friday, August 13, 2010

Infant Photographer Styles, How Do They Vary?

All photographers have styles, but infant photographers have a very specific style. Their subject is challenging and there is a lot of pressure to produce beautiful and stunning images. Before you hire an infant photographer to handle photographing your child, you should know some of the styles and focus on the one that appeals to you the most.

* Just baby. This is a favorite style of many infant photographers and parents, as well. A naked baby, with no more than a hat or a blanket, and simple props, or no props at all. Sometimes Mom and/or Dad are included, but for the most part baby is featured alone and in a tight shot. This is a great style for brand-new babies, showcasing the newness and fragility of life.
* Baby with props. Baskets, bowls, pillows, wraps, blankets – even Mom and Dad – are utilized in this style to pose baby. An infant photographer can get very creative in this style, utilizing favorite outfits, toys, even furniture to make the photograph fun, interesting, and memorable.
* Baby at home. This is also a very popular style with parents, and great as a gift to family who may live at a distance and don’t have the opportunity to visit with baby often. An infant photographer will travel to the client’s home, and take photos of the baby in his own environment. Many parents have worked hard at constructing a beautiful nursery for baby, and this could be a wonderful backdrop for photos. Candid shots are possible in this scenario, capturing the interaction between mother, dad, and baby. This type of photography style can be quite meaningful to a new family.

A professional infant photographer should be familiar with all three styles, and bring a creative flair to the shoot. Discuss thoroughly your expectations and what type of shots mean the most to you. Above all, keep in mind that baby has no idea, nor does she care, what kind of photos you want or how you get them as long as his belly is full and the diaper empty. Patience is the hallmark of any infant photographer, and is arguably the most valuable attribute an infant photographer can have.
By hiring an expert in infant photography, you can count on someone who is accustomed to handling infants. Be open in your communication of what you want, and be open-minded in the suggestions of the professional. No matter if you choose just baby, baby with props, or baby at home, an expert will capture the essence of what makes your baby special and unique.

Here are samples of the 3 types listed above from Bitsy Baby Photography:
Just Baby
newborn just baby

Newborn Baby with Props
newborn baby with props

Baby at Home
baby at home with mom and dad

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Portrait Photographer Captures Baby’s First Year

The first years of a child’s life go by in a flash. If not captured by a portrait photographer, there are moments experienced that are lost forever in hazy memory. Babies are a lot of work, and many new parents suffer from sleep deprivation in the first year. You meant to get the camera out for those special moments, but a full diaper, a screaming, hungry baby, or any one of the ten million chores you now have to do take precedence.
This is why it’s a good idea to set up a regular photography session with an expert portrait photographer to capture those images of your child at specific milestone moments. All babies develop at different rates, but major milestones can include maternity, newborn, when your child can lift her head (usually at three months), sit up (usually around six months), and when he can stand (anywhere from nine to twelve months). Naturally, your baby will bloom into a toddler and further into an actual, bona-fide kid, and you will be ecstatic to have a record of their development.
The pace is hectic and getting a professional portrait by a photographer may seem like a luxury. Years into the future you will be glad you took the time to budget time and money toward a permanent reminder of how your child has grown. You will have proof positive that when she was born she looked exactly like her daddy, or that he had a full head of hair just like Grandpa. Babies change so much, so fast.
These milestone photographs taken by a professional portrait photographer are also wonderful for family members who are separated by many miles. It can be difficult to travel with an infant or a small child, but you still want to keep aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins in the loop. Through regular appointments at key milestone moments, you can keep everyone up-to-date on what baby is up to, fostering a sense of family even if everyone lives far apart.
A good portrait photographer will work with you as far as setting, wardrobe, and props. This is your baby and your shoot, so try to think a little bit ahead. Choose a favorite outfit, a favorite sports team, or just a diaper with a baby blanket Grandma made. You can choose to shoot indoors or out, with siblings or without, of any other scenario you desire.
You may get some good shots of your baby on your own, but there really is no substitute for a professional photo taken by a portrait photographer. Capture those precious moments before it’s too late and your memory betrays you. The time passes by quickly and you can never get it back. With the help of a portrait photographer, you will always have a permanent record of such a fleeting time.

Bitsy Baby Photography offers the Exclusive Blooming Baby Bundle!
Some details include:
FOUR full sessions
your choice of maternity, newborn, various milestones
*one year session album with various images from all sessions
custom online slideshows
discounted digital collection pricing
online gallery for the entire year of all photos from every session
creation of a storyboard highlighting all sessions
digital birth or 1 year announcement
weekend session priority

Baltimore Infant Photographers

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glowing Mama {Maryland Maternity Photography}

You can not deny that this Mama has that gorgeous baby glow about her! The photos do say it all so let's get to those:

Mama Coming Soon!

Maryland Maternity Photography

Monday, August 9, 2010

Artistic Baby Wear at Sosi & Zora Designs

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Maggie and her beautiful family a while back and I wanted to showcase her unique craft today. She creates custom hand painted baby clothing. Her hoodies and long-sleeved onsies are going to be perfect for the cooler weather that is just around the bend. Check out some of her unique and artistic baby wear here:

custom baby clothing designs

Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing Mr Brooks {DC Newborn Photography}

I have to admit right off I think I've been blessed with the most wonderful babies lately to photograph. Oh so sleepy most of the time and when they are awake hardly a peep out of them. Now with a newborn I will disclose that this is pretty much accomplished by our use the 5 S's from "The Happiest Baby On the Block" book. Now I do not agree with everything in this book or with some of Mr. Karp's beliefs but I can say those 5 S's do work! If you are having a baby soon or have a friend that is having one and they do not have this book it's a great shower gift =)

For today, let me introduce to you little Mr Brooks; one of the newest happiest babies on the block and probably the happiest parents on the block =) Congratulations on your dream come true guys!

A dream come true!

newborn brooks USAF

newborn scale

newborn awake


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