Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing Mr Brooks {DC Newborn Photography}

I have to admit right off I think I've been blessed with the most wonderful babies lately to photograph. Oh so sleepy most of the time and when they are awake hardly a peep out of them. Now with a newborn I will disclose that this is pretty much accomplished by our use the 5 S's from "The Happiest Baby On the Block" book. Now I do not agree with everything in this book or with some of Mr. Karp's beliefs but I can say those 5 S's do work! If you are having a baby soon or have a friend that is having one and they do not have this book it's a great shower gift =)

For today, let me introduce to you little Mr Brooks; one of the newest happiest babies on the block and probably the happiest parents on the block =) Congratulations on your dream come true guys!

A dream come true!

newborn brooks USAF

newborn scale

newborn awake


  1. First of all, you just made Mr. Karp a sale and you got nothing out the deal, but this comment. You should hit him up for your commission. Thanks for mentioning the book. I'll add it to my amazon wish list and download the kindle edition (half the price of the book) when the time comes. Mr. Brooks is CUTE!!!! I love the pic with the scale.

  2. Ahhhhh, this baby is adorable. What a fantastic job you have. These people are always happy when they come to you and you get to share in their joy!

  3. Great photos! Love the one in uniform, such a great contrast! Keep up the amazing shots! :)

  4. Whitney Brooks8/03/2010

    We are the happiest parents on the block. Because of our beautiful, amazing, precious gift from God and because of our wonderful, creative, awesome photographer. Thanks, Rita, for the delightful photo session and for these perfect photos.

  5. The use of the uniform is awesome! What a great prop for your shot, I think it turned out great. :)

  6. what beautiful photos of this cute boo boo. I love your photography and scan your blog all day. Happy weekend to you.


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