Friday, April 30, 2010

Luka this Cutie! {Maryland Baby Photography}

When a couple has their first baby, I always say that there are two births: the baby born into the world (in this case Luka) and the couple born into being a Mommy & Daddy =) It just doesn't get much sweeter than seeing them gaze upon their new baby; these are moments like NO other!

I look forward to following sweet Luka throughout all the milestones of his first year!

Luka this cutie!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Waiting...

I had the greatest time scouting out new locations for this maternity session. We were able to get in a good variety of looks for this beautiful Mommy & Daddy-in-waiting =) Here are a few samples.

Urban maternity1

Urban Maternity2

Maternity studio

Maternity Spring

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vivi Uptown Infants

I had a blast working with Rhonda & all her fabulous models last week. Rhonda owns Vivi Uptown Infants and specializes in making exquisite baby slings, bridal sashes, baby accessories, scarves, & jewelry among other things out of hand woven dupioni silk. We have also been brainstorming ideas and she will be creating something especially for me and my Bitsy Babies.....stay tuned for more on that!!

Be sure to stop in at her Etsy store here:

Dupioni silk paci & toy holder

Dupioni silk baby carriers & nursing covers

Dupioni silk scarves & jewelry

Dupioni silk headbands & necklaces

Dupioni silk baby carriers

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Steps to Enjoy Your Birth Experience!


Do you fret when you begin to think about the actual birth experience? Believe me, I have been there! I wanted to write about some things that helped me when preparing for my birth and helped me to enjoy the process. I hope something here might help you. I am all for natural birth but I know this is not for everyone, so these are suggestions that hopefully can be of use regardless of what your birth philosophy is.

ONE: Be Informed! Know the process and what your options are; know what is going on behind the scenes. Do you want a hospital birth, a home birth, a home-like birth at a birthing center? Do you want to labor in water or have the option to walk around your room, do you want routine interventions? You should be having the experience you desire along with birthing your healthy baby. So many women go into the birth thinking "I don't have a choice, this is how it is, so this is how it's gonna go" That is not true, especially with a hospital birth. Hospitals are an institution and though they provide needed care for so many things, they are not there to promise your specific experience goes the way you want it: this is your responsibility. They have a routine to follow with every woman's birth. I am not bashing hospital births, I had my baby in a hospital; but they have a schedule to keep, only a certain amount of space, all Dr's don't desire to be working on the holidays or weekends etc.... so you see where I'm going. All I'm saying is be informed, do your research, and know what your options are.

TWO: Choose Wisely! If you are the woman that has specific desires for her birth, a certain philosophy you believe in when it comes to having a baby-- then choose your Dr or birth place accordingly. I interviewed 3 Dr's and various doulas when I became pregnant. I had specific desires and I knew when I met the one that was right for me. Yes, it was a pain to go to those appointments, do the intake, pay the copay, and get the chance to actually talk personally with the people but in the end it was the best thing I ever did in my pregnancy! You want a Dr that is in tune with your desires for your birth, and though no Dr can guarantee 100% things will go as planned, there are Drs that are more inclined to help you achieve the birth experience you want. Do not think that a Dr will change their routine process for your birth when you are 3 cm dilated and your are trying to convince them not to give you an IV; you have to state your desires and concerns early on and if they are not 'with you', move on!

THREE: Learn to Relax! Yes, this can be learned and makes a HUGE difference in your birth experience! It does not come naturally to many women, I know you are thinking "9 months of anticipation all building up to this life changing event and you say RELAX??" There are techniques you can do to learn how to relax during this unique time one being joining a Hypnobirthing Class. While this may be "new-agey", hypnosis is medically based and has numerous health benefits. I chose to use Hypnobirthing and can say this is not just a 'birthing class' either. These classes help you to enjoy and cherish your pregnancy and your days coming into motherhood. I recommend joining in the beginning of your 3rd trimester. You never know when your baby is going to show up, mine surprised us at 32 weeks, so I was thankful I'd decided to go to the classes early!! Hypnobirthing resources are cited at the bottom.

ULTIMATELY: Know that you can have a plan, you can have a vision for what your birth experience will be like and most of the time this can happen. But, there is a but, you will do yourself a favor to accept that it might not go that way. Decide before hand to be at peace with whatever route your birth takes; it will help alleviate disappointment and frustration if things do not go as planned.

2 short stories of personal friends:
Mother A planned to have an epidural, she wasn't worried with relaxing or dealing with the labor because she was getting an epidural. There would be no worries right, no pain...well the epidural didn't 'take', labor was progressing swiftly and they didn't have time to receive another; she ended up having an unplanned natural labor. Not in the plan but it happened!
Mother B planned for a natural childbirth, no medication please she said and no epidural! Then, her birth doesn't progress and there is a chance the baby is in distress. Her anxiety is heightened and the birth slows even more, the pitocin is administered and then comes the cesarean. Not in the plan but it happened!

I can not stress the importance of being informed, choosing a Dr or Midwife you are comfortable with, and being able to relax & have peace with your birth in the end, whatever route it may take!

I know there is a ton of more details and things to consider when pregnant and having a baby, I'll continue to post informational posts to help inform you during this season of your life so check back often!

Here are a few resources to check out: excellent local birthing center I am personally affiliated with true miracle 'drug' for birthing lots of resources on this site general information, includes hospital birth information too

This is Marina and I on our 1st day together after birth, she was all of 4.5 pounds, my sweet bitsy baby =)

*edited to correct a link

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've ran across an awesome blog recently and have been inspired to start a "Gratituesday" post every Tuesday. This week I am grateful that my sweet little Marina did not fall off our 8 foot high deck!!! We recently put her a little play kitchen out there and we've been going out everyday. I usually sit in the rocker and read while she plays.

She often takes breaks from her play, to just stand and stare into the woods or up at the trees, or down at the ground. Friday she was standing at the railing which is childproofed with bars every 3 inches or so. She was holding onto one of the wood bars looking down at the ground....she's done this before, nothing new.

You can see where this is going!

Something told me to go and get her, it wasn't time to come inside....we had only been out for a short while, but I felt led to go to her. I was about half way to her and the railing she was holding onto came off the upper rail and fell to the side leaving a gap with enough room for her to fall right out of!!! My heart leaped out of my chest and I jumped forward to grab her. She wasn't in the process of falling out, she was just standing there--at the edge of the deck-- holding onto that wood rail as it lay to the side!

Oh it was the SCARIEST thing that's happened yet on this Mama-Bear-protecting-her-cub journey of motherhood. So, Thank You dear Lord for helping me to keep Marina safe!

Here she is enjoying her little Easter chick...well one of them =)


Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Sessions this Summer!!

Happy Spring To You!!!

The birds are chirping and the grass is getting green. I don't know about you but things are pretty cheerful around here =)

I'm writing to announce my new monthly


Annapolis area locations to be announced
on the hour from 10am to 2pm
comment here or email with the day and time you prefer.

These are inclusive, flat-rate, limited sessions with speedy turn-around.
Offered as an alternative to a Full Session.
Perfect for when you need to quickly mark a moment in time such as:
* Maternity
* "Baby's First Year" - typically at 4 months, 7 months, and 1 year.
* Milestones (starting school, birthdays, loss of first tooth, etc.)
* "Mommy and Me"
* Just need that *one* picture for your holiday card

Expressions Sessions are $250 this summer and include:

  • A session lasting 30-45 min. for up to 3 members of the same immediate family [ie. mom, dad, and child; pets do not count in this number; babies must be at least 4 months old]
  • Location, date, and times are set in advance (Annapolis and surrounding)
  • The digital negatives on CD: I will delete unusable images (eyes closed, etc.), but then you get ALL the rest! There will be at least 25 files, but usually many more. These files will receive basic edits and some b/w conversions, but no further retouching as in a Full Session. See examples below of digital negatives vs fully retouched images. Delivery time about 7 days.
  • Printing release for your digital negatives with instructions and recommendations for your printing. (Files are printable up to 8×10) You may not however edit the images in any way.
  • 1 fully retouched 8×10 enlargement of the artist's favorite image. The enlargement is a metallic print with smooth satin laminate, mounted, and ready to display. Delivery time 2-3 weeks.
  • 1 full set of 3x5 images
  • Option to purchase additional fully retouched prints

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party Like a Blogstar!

First, I haven't been to a party in ... well in years so I'm thrilled to be partying here with everyone from the 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party =) Read more about that here:
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Second, I was kind of afraid to join in this Blog know, maybe nobody will come to my blog, maybe nobody will like my blog, maybe I'm not a good writer and I really shouldn't be blogging after-all, those kinds of thoughts often plague me when it comes to my blog. (did I really just say 'blog' 5x in that sentence =) Then I decided to Just Do It, so here I am....Partying like a the Blogstar that I certainly am not, haha!!


So I found the UBP a little late to donate a giveaway by the 9th so I'll have my own giveaway right here! I'll be giving a beautiful 8x10 image of one of my Hawaii Fine Art Prints. Here is a sample but you will be able to choose from a large collection:

If you browse around here in my blog you'll notice it's more of a photo blog; after-all that is what I do! I am a photographer specializing in tender artistic images of newborns and babies. But firstly I am a wife, mother, and homemaker and I cherish all of these jobs. I tend to keep this blog more about sample images from my sessions...but hopefully as I get better at writing I'll include more personal day to day happenings too!

Anyways, so that is me in a nutshell. If you stumbled here from the party, leave me a comment to be entered into my HAWAIIAN ART GIVEAWAY! And subscribe if you find my work of interest to you =) I'll be sure to go support your page too! For now, it's off to church; I'll return later today to do some blog-hopping...see you then!!!

Wow, so many wonderful Giveaways...these are my favorite:
US95, USC 43, USC 16
US69, US88, US71, or any paypal, amazon, or target gift card =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alexis = Adorable

You have to admit, little Alexis is nothing short of perfection. She is 4 weeks old and is 6 lbs of absolute adorableness! She looks like a porcelain doll! Her big brother doesn't fall short of adorable perfection either!

Absolutely Adorable Alexis

Big Brother, Little Sister

Big Brother, Little Sister

Mommy & Baby

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter =)

A sneak peak of Alexis, blogged above =)
Hoppy Easter =)


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