Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Annapolis Maternity Photograph Session is Right for You?

There is no image more beautiful than that of a pregnant woman. It is a very special time in a woman’s life, fleeting and yet full of promise. One way to capture the memories of this amazing experience is through a professional Annapolis maternity photograph. It is something you will treasure forever – but what Annapolis maternity photograph session is right for you? What are your options and what can you expect? Here are a few ideas:

• All By Yourself: Also known as a “Madonna” session, these Annapolis maternity photographs are taken of just you. The photographer will use lighting and shading in the session to complement and highlight the gorgeous curves of your body, with special attention to the beautiful “baby bump”. These sessions can be done inside or outside, typically with tight fitting clothes to show off the belly. These sessions are also often the easiest to schedule.
• You in the Boudoir: Think Demi Moore on the cover of Vogue. These sessions are usually done with little or no clothing, and can be nerve wracking to some women. However, an expert in Annapolis maternity photographs will do their best to put you at ease and with a little creativity shoot photos that are tasteful, sexy, and creative. Stretch marks can be artfully hidden or even eliminated after the photos are shot.
• Include the Family: Siblings often feel left out of the proceedings when the family is expecting a new baby. An Annapolis maternity photograph in the last days of the pregnancy can be a way for everyone to bond before the baby arrives. Most children are thrilled to point to the picture and tell everyone, “I knew the baby before he got here!” This is also another poignant family moment and a memory to cherish.
• You Plus Me Equals Three: Another popular type of session is one with just mom and dad. This will be the last portrait of just the two of you before baby arrives and the whole world changes. You can be as daring or conservative as you wish, depending on the ultimate goal of the photos.
• The Girl’s Night Out: Another trending session for an Annapolis maternity photograph is best friends who are expecting around the same time. If you have a “bestie” with which you have shared years of friendship, this might be a perfect session for you. Why not commemorate one of the most amazing experiences together with the perfect Annapolis maternity photograph? You will never have a moment like this again.

No matter which session you choose, you will have an Annapolis maternity photograph unique and precious, a memory in image of what your body was like before baby arrives. Memories like this are priceless, and should be preserved for you, for baby, and for family.

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