Thursday, October 14, 2010

DC Newborn Photography 101: Tips for Baby's First Photos

Getting your child’s first photos taken is a big job and one that can lead to anxiety as well as joy. If you work with a trusted company, such as Bitsy Baby, a DC newborn photography company, you know you are going to walk away from the studio with photos that will capture the hearts of anyone who sees them. Even with the best photographer out there, though, it pays to take some time to plan for these first photos.
The following are some tips to help you to get the best results possible from the DC newborn photography company you are working with.
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• The key to good photography with young babies is having patience. There is simply no other way to put it. As soon as you lose your cool, so will the baby and that often means more stress and poor pictures too.
• Work with an expert photographer who specializes in great baby photography. This is important. Not all photographers have the ability to work well with young babies. Those that do have this ability are the ones that get the best shots possible, even in some of the worst situations. For example, DC newborn photography company Bitsy Baby specializes in working with infants and the photographer has the ability to get the shot even in less than ideal situations.
• Be sure you have reasonable expectations. Do not assume that your baby or child will do well for ten shots. Rather, focus on just a few great shots for the best results. In addition to the number of shots taken, also realize that the number of outfits will also matter. If you keep changing the baby’s clothing, he or she may become irritated, which does not lead to the type of pictures you are looking for.
• Be creative but simple with props. Choose a knit hat and small basket for a cute shot with a six month old. On the other hand, for a newborn, consider simple things, such as the baby sleeping on a beautiful blanket. Consider using just yourself as a prop, too. A mother and baby shot is a priceless picture that you will all remember for years to come.
New Mommy {Fort Meade Baby Photographer}

• Choose the right time to take the baby’s pictures. Sooner the better for your newborn. If your baby is on a schedule, make your appointment for photos just after the child has taken a bottle or nap. Try to avoid the child having to be woken up in the normal sleep time too.
Some of these things may seem very simple but the fact is, these small things add up to great pictures. It is all about controlling the environment and having an experienced photographer to ensure that you get the type of photo you are looking for. Perhaps the best news is that when working with a professional DC newborn photography company that specializes in these beautiful photos, you are sure to get the patience needed to have a great looking finished product. Bitsy Baby is one company to turn to for just that type of attention.

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