Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby, Child, and Family Photographs!

Family photographs can mark this New Year in a significant and memorable way. Beyond the baby photos and Christmas shots, having family photos is a purposeful way to take time to invest in your memories, with a tangible reward.

Sometimes there’s no better catalyst for appreciating the present than a look into the past.  Digging up old family photos is a great way to reminisce about how much your lives have changed and grown.  While you may regret particular expressions or hairstyles, you will never regret having a memento from that time.  The images shown here are portraits of my own family and children taken a year ago.  I so much beauty and growth, especially in Lillie my baby.  She is almost 2 years old now and it is amazing what changes in just a year!

While well known for being infant photographers, our passion lies in capturing those priceless moments in each & every individual we photograph.  We thrive on being a part of your family milestones and celebrations, and of course we love showing a child’s personality shine through a print as a vivid glimpse of his or her quintessential self.  Catching baby’s very first smiles and yawns is always a treasured moment for us.

Changes of a New Year
The end of the year arrives along with the chaos of the holidays and a chance to take note of all the changes that the past year has brought. 

If there were anything that would make this circumspection any better, it would be something to commemorate the changes brought on by 2013.  With the future in mind, take a break after the buzz of the holidays to capture the faces of those you love most.  Then when the next January rolls around, you’ll have a perfect picture of your lives encapsulated in one year.

A year in the life of a baby or young child is somehow more than 12 months of changes, and seems to go faster than the usual 365 days.  There’s no need to rely on stolen camera phone snapshots to capture each unique period in your child’s life.  Professional photographs are a great way to mark the growth of your children at year’s end.    

First tooth and first step – firsts of all kinds are a treasured part of life, but our talented photographers don’t stop at the earliest beginnings.  First days of school, first driving lessons and first days of a new year are equally worth chronicling.  That’s why we are proud to include family and child photography in our repertoire of skills, so you can capture more treasured times than ever.  Let Bitsy Baby start recording your family’s first precious moments of the New Year, then look back and marvel at all the memories made since.

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  1. Wow… lovely pictures. Yes indeed, family photos is a purposeful way to take time to invest in your memories, with a tangible reward.


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