Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bring Spring to a Close With a Visit to a Maryland Baby Photographer

Bring Spring to a Close With a Visit to a Maryland Baby Photographer

Chilly weather often persists long past the time when Maryland photographers and families alike are ready to see more of the sun.  For one-of-a-kind images of your baby this time of year, Bitsy Baby presents an opportunity to enjoy this last month of spring from the cozy comfort of our welcoming studio.  Take a day to gather together where natural beauty meets unique charm and dream of summer together without missing an instant of the present.

Adding Bitsy Baby to Your Springtime Schedule
Running out of indoor activities for your family as everyone anticipates the nearing summer days?  Make family time a priority and create memories where they can be captured.  Step away from the chaos of the world and connect with your baby again.  Bitsy Baby photographers welcome the chance to watch and commemorate for you as your family creates memorable springtime moments.  

The evenings grow longer as the sun hangs around into dusk, and the warming temperatures make this time of year perfect.  Are the varying lights and darks of the changing season affecting your little one’s sleeping patterns?  Go for an early evening outing and have family playtime before the weariness of bedtime creeps up, or take an afternoon off work to enjoy the company of your partner and your children in front of the camera.

Take this last opportunity to get decked out in seasonal garb, and show off your baby in the adorable pastels of springtime.  Revel in the rain, the clouds, and the alternate weather patterns that grace our doorsteps during the month of May.

What Makes Us Special
Bitsy Baby uses natural backgrounds and little props in our artistically crafted photo sessions.  This allows us to emphasize the inherent sweetness of your baby without distractions from other items.

We never allow any “schedule constraints” to affect how your photo session progresses.  Knowing the unpredictable joy that a baby brings to any activity, we have developed a knack for engaging your little one while moving at the pace that he or she requires.  Never rushed or frustrated, we know that your time taking pictures should be a pleasant experience and not just a means to obtain the photos.  This family centered photography style keeps the focus on you and your loved ones above all else.

Come join us for a morning of photo fun and let’s all forget about the worries of the world for a while.  When the sun finally shines out for good in its summertime splendor, you’ll always have the precious pictures from the end of spring to mark another chapter in the life of you and your family.

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