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Frame by Frame: Treasuring Each Month With Maternity Photography in Maryland

Frame by Frame: Treasuring Each Month With Maternity Photography in Maryland

Congratulations!  You are soon to be joined by a new little life!  Whether this baby is your first or another addition to a family of miracles, you have the chance to record these historical days to always remember.  Maternity photography in Maryland gives expectant mothers a way to invest in the future relationship with their babies from the very beginning of that bond.  

These 40 weeks can be one of the most difficult waiting periods of your life, as you grow your baby within and yearn to cuddle them close.  But this special time is also one of the most intimate times you will enjoy.  Commemorate this bond with the first photographs of you and your baby.  Difficult as it is to imagine, once you hold him or her in your arms, it may eventually be hard to recall the exact way you looked while carrying him or her, or how he or she had felt moving inside you.  

First Trimester
Most women discover they are expecting during their first trimester, a period of time spanning the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  For many, this is the perfect opportunity for a “before” picture—the first chronicle of your baby journey.

Second Trimester
Week 13 to week 27 marks the second trimester, during which the most dramatic changes will take place.  Every woman begins to show at a different point during this time, offering a variety of options for the second picture of your pregnancy series, showing the progression of your baby.  Many also learn the sex of their little one halfway through this trimester, and maternity photography can be a perfect chance for a creative reveal.

Third Trimester
From the 26th week to the time of the birth is when most women decide to have maternity pictures taken, when the size of the belly and glow of pregnancy are both at a peak.  As the waiting becomes even more difficult and the preparations more hectic, taking time to make memories has never been so important.  Capture your experience in a cumulative image or take the last photo in the series, representing the nearing end of your journey.

As your body changes to accommodate the life blooming within you, you will marvel at alterations you never thought possible.  Designed with the ability to morph and alter as your baby grows and develops, your body is amazing and is working hard so your littlest one can flourish.  Never take all that you are doing for granted, allow a little awe over what is happening, pamper yourself and enjoy this stage.

Everyone has a different way of marking the time spent carrying your baby in your womb.  The best and most memorable items you can have are images of you and your little one growing in tandem. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a keepsake you will both treasure because soon enough your baby will make the grand entrance into your arms!

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