Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photographing Your Baby: Stages of Life

Stages of Life: Photographing Your Baby

When hiring a DC newborn photographer, ask questions about the stages of life. You want to be able to capture those intimate memories that are going to help you and your family to remember all of those special moments in your child's early life. You may even want to set up a specific schedule with your photographer so that all of those special memories are captured on film. When you work with a qualified professional for your photography, such as those available at Bitsy Baby, you can count on having a professional who can help you to grab those intimate moments.

Take a look at the following timeline. These are some of the most common times when photographs can be an important tool for capturing your child's growth and development. Contact a DC newborn photographer to learn more about getting these moments on film.

· Maternity: Even before your child is born this is an intimate time to take photographs. Even if you have not considered doing this before, with the right DC newborn photographer, you will find this is a comfortable and beautiful moment.

· Newborn: Within the first month or so of your child's life, have him or her photographed professionally. This photographer will be incredibly memorable, especially since it is such a short moment in time that they are this small.

· Three Months: By the time your child is between three and five months hold, he will be holding up his head and already has more personality. Now is a great time to capture that on film.

· Six Months: Six months is a common time to get pictures of your child taken. He may be starting to discover the things around him and he may now be able to recognize people. Great photos can pose the child in different setups. He may be able to sit up more now too.

· Nine Months: Now that your child is nine months old, he is likely crawling and really has his own personality. Photographs from a DC newborn photographer at this point are going to be a lot of fun. You can pose him in a variety of setups and even get a lot of laughing and cooing out of the child.

· One Year: At the one-year mark, the child is really his own person and you want to capture that in the pictures you take. Have photographs taken to commemorate this very important stage in life. Incorporate favorite characters, their new ability to walk and even fun outfits.

As you can see, there are many instances when having a DC newborn photographer by your side can really help to capture the beauty of your child's growth. Simple things like getting teeth or learning to crawl can all be seen in these photographs. More so, your child's changing looks and size will also be important for you to remember. Photographers like those at Bitsy Baby can help you to grab each of these memories and remember them for a lifetime.

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