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Capturing the Journey: DC Newborn Photography

Capturing the Journey's First Details: DC Newborn Photography

New Mommy {Fort Meade Baby Photographer}

A DC newborn photography specialist, Bitsy Baby encourages its clients to bring in even the smallest of children for a photo session. What many people do not realize is that the way a child looks in the first few days of life is drastically different from what the child will look like within a few weeks. If you want to capture every image of your child, it is best to bring the child in to a professional photographer as soon as possible, even if the child is just a few days old. The memories these photos will hold will last a lifetime.

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Planning For Photos

As your due date approaches, consider photography. If you have not done so, you may want to schedule some time right now to come in and have your maternity photos taken. These photos are incredibly beautiful and capture a unique time in your life. While you are having those photographs taken, talk to your DC newborn photography specialists to inquire about newborn shots. These are taken within the first few days of the child’s life, sometimes just after the child’s discharge from the hospital.

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When you do schedule this appointment, consider the following. Even if you are not sure if this is the right type of photography for your situation, know that the benefits of taking photos now are important.

· The photography session for such a small child is going to be quiet. There will not be loud noises and ruckus.

· Many babies sleep through these sessions, which is ideal. The photographs can be very simple and yet elegant at the same time.

· You do not have to worry about clothing or props for your child. Your photographer will handle this, but will do so with a light hand. You will not need a lot of intricate shots, simple poses have the best results.

· Photographs taken during these first few days can be close ups. You can see her tiny fingernails and the hair on top of his head in detail. With a professional photographer, the pictures can be incredibly detailed to capture those details for your child.

· Most sessions do not have to take a lot of time. Mom and baby are tired and adjusting to a new life. The good news is that your professional DC newborn photography specialists know this and make sure that the process is as enjoyable for you as possible.

annapolis newborn with her beautiful mom

There is no doubt that you want to keep all of those intricate moments with your newborn child vivid in your memory. While you may be thinking about sleep and getting life settled, take a few hours to get these photographs taken. Waiting a few weeks will mean a whole new look for your child. Of course, you can schedule this type of session as it works for your needs. To learn more about DC newborn photography, contact Bitsy Baby and schedule an appointment. It only takes a few photographs to capture these very delicate first days of life.

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