Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discover the Fine Art of Newborn Photography

Discover the Fine Art of Newborn Photography

There are many times in your child's life to come in to a Maryland newborn photography studio to get your child's photos taken. However, one of the most important, and perhaps the most beautiful times, is to do so during the child's very first days and weeks of life. During this time, a child's very soft beauty and intimate moments can be captured. When you work with a qualified professional, such as those found at Bitsy Baby, you can count on these very first professional photographs being nothing more than true fine art.

Why Newborn Shots?

It may seem to make sense to bring a child into a photographer when that child is a bit older, perhaps when the baby can smile and recognizes the camera. This is a good idea, but it is also very important to capture those intimate moments in your child's life in the first weeks of life. No other time in his or her life will she have the small features. Children at this age develop very quickly and their face and body change rapidly. It makes sense to capture these first images of your child on photography.

What To Expect

If you are considering Maryland newborn photography and are not sure what to really expect from the event, take a deep breath. You do not need an overload of clothing and outfits for the child. You do not need something that is over the top. In addition, most importantly, you do not have to worry about specific poses or backgrounds. Your child's beauty is what will be captured in these fine art photos.

· Photos of your child in his birthday suit or with just a cloth diaper on are some of the best.

· Clothing is often too big and ill fitting for newborns. Avoid covering up their face.

· Simple poses are all that is needed. You want those up close shots of the child during this new time in your life.

· Smiles are optional. Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby in his newborn photographs. Could anything be more beautiful?

· The use of texture is important but it needs only to be something minimal. For example, placing a baby in a basket of soft towels feels comfortable and makes for beautiful images.

Having Maryland newborn photography done is important. No other time in your child's life will he or she look this innocent or be this new to you. It is also a good idea to capture you and your new family during this time.

You will want to remember all of the intimate details of your child, from his crinkled nose to the closed fits that he so commonly has. You will want to use soft textures to convey your new daughter's soft skin. The session, which could last a few hours, will allow you and the child the time needed to truly relax. When you work with Maryland newborn photography professionals from Bitsy Baby, you know that the finished photos will be fine art.

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