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Newborn Photography in Maryland is a Sweet and Serene Experience

Newborn Photography in Maryland is a Sweet and Serene Experience

It’s the first few weeks of life for your little one, and everything is strange and confusing. A session of newborn photography in a Maryland studio is yet another unfamiliar setting.  

That’s why one of the proudest skills that Bitsy Baby photographers have honed over their years of experience is how to soothe a baby while capturing in film their exquisite features and priceless expressions.  Infants can sleep or coo their way through tranquil moments that will be stamped in their histories.

Picturing Baby

We understand that it is the heart’s desire of a parent to come away from the whirlwind experience of newborn life with a moment standing still in time.  If the environment of a photography studio seems different and baby becomes overwhelmed, even a little crying can turn what should be a sweet experience into a stressful one.

At Bitsy Baby, we strive to keep your event special for you and your baby, taking beautiful photographs without a cry from your little treasure.  Only our experienced photographers have discovered the perfect blend of baby soothing secrets to achieve such a feat, and while we can’t guarantee this continued state of serenity forever, we can promise a one-of-a-kind picture of the moment.

The Secret
Our expert newborn photographers have the ability to deliver tear free photography sessions.  Achieved only after exploring trade secrets and carefully charted session flow information from years past, these insights have enabled the smoothest experiences for parents and baby when visiting Bitsy Baby’s Maryland studio.

Of course we understand that you know your baby best of all, so we send informative emails before your scheduled session to fully prepare you and your little one before the big day.  We let parents know what to expect at these sessions and give information on what they can do to be ready.
Many amateur baby photographers spend the first hour simply trying to calm the baby – inexperience keeping them from even taking a first shot.  In the end, they’re lucky to acquire the likenesses that they are looking for.  Our team gives clear tips to parents on ways to guarantee happy baby portraits.  No one wants to fight for calm or feel stress at this most precious time.  We make it a priority to connect to baby and parents in whatever ways make them feel most at ease.

Our photographers love what they do and have a vast amount of experience in the field.  Working with babies to make them (and their parents) feel comfortable and taken care of, our team of experts takes pride in ensuring a memorable experience to back up the physical mementos.  Don’t let the year end without a chance to transfix in time some of your infant’s earliest moments.

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