Friday, December 13, 2013

Bitsy Baby Captures Precious Moments: Newborn Photography in DC

Bitsy Baby Captures Precious Moments: Newborn Photography in DC
Wanting to capture the essence of your baby with a tangible keepsake? Newborn photography is the only way to keep your treasure tiny forever, if only in a photo of a sleeping face.

Photographing Your Baby
It didn't take you long to realize that with your little one, every single moment was photo worthy. Even though you can't capture every precious second of their time in this new world, there are those special events that must be marked with a photo.  

You will never regret spending an hour or two in front of a camera in the years of change ahead.  As you and your little one travel through his or her rapid growth and track each exciting new phase, there comes with each a bittersweet aspect of all the moments long gone.

At Bitsy Baby, we know the connection to your newborn runs deep, and the beauty of your new relationship is one we are passionate about preserving in time with a snapshot.

Holiday Memories
All the hustle and bustle around the holidays makes it difficult to decide which activities are the most important, which traditions will follow your family in this new chapter.  Now is the perfect time to decide on a tradition of memory-making that you will cherish.

Christmas is an already magical time made extra special in how your newborn experiences it.  For your baby’s first Christmas, there can be no more memorable way to mark than through newborn photography.  Taking pictures of your baby at the height of the season captures the essence of his or her entire year at its end. 

The photos also become a way to include extended family members in your happiness.  Gift the captured moments in your young one’s life to share during the holiday season.

Personable Touch
Providing a professional edge with a personable style, we are proud of our choices to limit prop and set, preferring instead to highlight your newborn.  These simple and organic poses result in pure, beautiful photos of your child as you experience him or her every day. 

Our newborn photography sessions focus on the inherent beauty of your baby without all the extras that many DC studios use.  Anything additional on the set diverts attention away from the baby, and there is nothing worth that distraction.    

Our finished work will display your little one in a beautifully natural way, never seeming stilted or theatrical.  Knowing the importance of each memory for a parent, we have honed our art and are truly able to transform those priceless moments into photographic treasures.  

Every newborn we have the opportunity to photograph is a chance to hold an instant in his or her life suspended in time.  Represent 2013 in your baby’s life and create a memory to cherish.

***please note w are accepting bookings beginning for March 2014

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