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10 Great Newborn Baby Photo Ideas

10 Great Newborn Baby Photo Ideas

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Capturing your newborn baby's first days through the art of photography allows you to preserve your child's earliest stages forever. Newborn photographers specialize in arranging props and settings that highlight both the beauty of your baby as well as the special feelings surrounding parenthood.

Black and White
Black and white photography creates an effect that color photography often cannot achieve. The contrast between the black, white and gray tones of your baby's picture can range from soft to sharp, depending on you and your newborn photographers' artistic vision.

Outdoor Settings
Newborn photographers can shoot outside to achieve effects that cannot be accomplished inside a studio. Soft sunlight and natural surroundings combine to create photographs with a theme of introducing your infant to nature.

Sleeping Poses
Newborn photographers can capture your child as he rests in a normal or posed sleeping position. The photographs show your baby in his most peaceful state, and may also capture a cute or funny face he makes while sleeping.

Highlighting Your Baby's Tininess
Your newborn baby's size is as small as it will ever be in her entire life. Demonstrating your baby's size can be achieved using everyday props and settings. For example, your photographer can position your baby in a serving bowl or gently lay her on a shelf to show just how small your newborn is compared to the world around her.

Fetal Positions
Posing your baby in a fetal position creates a reminder of how he was recently growing inside his mother's womb. Posing your baby in this manner can result in sentimental photographs reminding you of both your pregnancy and the joy of bringing your newborn into the world.

Costume photography does not have to be relegated to Halloween. Choose animal, flower or other costumes specially made for babies to add a sense of fun and imagination to your baby photos.

Positioning your baby inside or on top of a basket may seem like an unexciting photo idea. However, the basket signifies that its contents -- your newborn -- is a true bundle of joy, and your newborn photographer can artfully capture the scene to create a memorable photograph.

Cloth Wraps
Although it may seem simple cloth wrap swaddled around your baby creates a striking effect, especially when no other props are featured in the photograph. The wrap also gives a sense of timelessness, as simple fabrics have been used for covering babies for centuries.

Family Members
Involving family members in your newborn's professional photographs fills the pictures with warmth and love. One or both parents can be shown holding their baby, or older siblings can be positioned beside their family's newest addition. Another idea is to capture a closeup of your baby as it is being held in your hands.

Novel Props
Unusual props like a set of scales or a tree trunk can make your baby pictures truly unique. Novelty pictures using unexpected elements are sure to be popular among your family and friends.

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  1. Anonymous1/01/2013

    Great Advice! I am photographing my first newborn in a few days and will take all of the advice I can get. Thanks.


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