Monday, June 17, 2013

Annapolis Photographers Can Capture Your Baby

Annapolis Photographers Can Capture Your Baby in Perfect Light this Summertime Season


There’s just something about summer. We're sure fellow Annapolis photographers will agree; the season brings out something special in everyone, everywhere. It’s certainly when shutter bugs get to show what photography is made of.
We don’t know if the secret is in the earlier mornings, the bright and active midday sun, or the beauty of a drawn out evening, but summer is the best time to capture life in any light. What greater way is there to demonstrate this than with newborn and baby photo sessions? Whether you’re looking to capture intimacy or spontaneity, Annapolis photographers know, nature has the light for that.

Natural Light: A Bright, Baby-Friendly Idea
Annapolis photographers also know that great baby photography starts with letting your subject set the pace.
Babies can’t be directed like older children. They keep you on your toes, but what we’ve learned in all our years as newborn photographers is you get the best and most honest pictures when you let babies do what they do best; be themselves.
In their first months of life, what babies do best is sleep. This is the prime time to set up more intimate shots of baby and family. The nice thing about this stage as a photographer is that babies don’t mind changes in the light all that much. As long as they are fed, warm, comfortable, and the energy stays relaxed, you have an ideal window to take some beautiful keepsake shots. That window is only available between feedings and diaper changes, so make the most of it.
The stage between crawling and walking is a challenge because a baby’s movements are unsteady and they can get easily frustrated or anxious. Summertime fun offers a great distraction. It’s warm enough outside so they can be comfortable, and there’s plenty of new textures to explore at their fingertips. Be sure to have toys and other props handy. Almost everything these little ones pick up goes into their mouths.

Be Ready for Action
The crawling, walking, and running phase puts life in motion. It’s the perfect time to catch the joy and giggles of discovery, and summer is the perfect backdrop.
These tots can burn off their early morning energy, take a mid-afternoon nap, and be back to play in the late afternoon sun. There’s very little staging to worry about here. Whenever possible, leave your light kits indoors and let nature stand-in so your shots stand out.
The summer light will reflect the individuality of each child and the carefree wonder will shine through. That first summer will be full of keepsake moments that capture baby’s first year.
To schedule a summer photo session or attend a workshop, please click on the Bitsy Baby website tab. Our Annapolis photographers’ studio is the perfect setting for all of your seasonal shots. We're here to work with photographers and clients alike. We will work around your schedule and location choice. The ultimate goal is preserving these precious memories forever.

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