Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Photography Tips - Shutter Priority for Baby Portraits

Baby Photography Tips for the amateur going pro or the parent wanting improved baby photos at home

The topic today is Shutter Priority - becoming familiar with this camera mode.

I am going to get just a little technical.  I know some of you may not be ready for this BUT if you keep shooting then one day you will be ready.  If you have not tried these partially automatic modes such as Shutter Priority on your digital SLR camera I recommend doing so.  They can give you a great amount of additional creativity without all the concentration needed to operate in full on Manual mode. If you are a photographer going pro, I highly recommend getting over to these modes at least.

Shutter Priority Setting: "Tv" Mode on Canon, "S" on Nikon
If you are not sure where to find this on your camera look up Shutter Priority Setting in your camera's manual.

Here are a some details to help you become more familiar with using this mode:
  • You will need to set/adjust your own ISO unless you have an "Auto ISO" option in your camera menu.  If you are unfamiliar with ISO go here and read up on this function.
    • Your camera will automatically choose your Aperture based on the lighting conditions and lens used.
    • The aperture your camera chooses is based on the capabilities of your lens, for example some lenses have a 1.4 aperture some have 2.5 aperture.  If you need help with Aperture go here.
    • Higher shutter numbers, for example 250, will stop movement such as baby's hands and feet kicking around.
    • Lower shutter numbers, for example 120 and below, could allow for blur and movement in your portraits.  If you want to show the baby's feet kicking then lower the shutter or say your child is swinging and you want to show the motion lower the shutter.
    • After you are done experimenting and practicing remember to put your camera back on the mode you typically use so it's ready for those "kodak moments" when they arise =)
    If you would like more detailed information on DIY Baby Portraits at home check out our Portrait Session Guide Here OR attend a group photography workshop in Maryland.

    About the Artist:
    Bitsy Baby Photography, LLC offers professional baby photography, infant portraits, baby's first year packages, maternity photography, maternity and baby photography packages.  Founder Rita Lawrence is the lead newborn photographer at the studio serving Annapolis MD, Baltimore MD, Edgewater MD, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Suffolk Virginia, Portsmouth, Norfolk VA, Newport News Virginia, and near areas.  In person photography workshops and a variety of teaching tools are available to photographers and group parent's photography workshops are offered for the amateur photo enthusiast wishing to improve their day to day photos at home.

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    1. I love shutter priority! I use it most of the time! I wanted to add that if it is 1/60 or slower, you must use a tripod. Please like me at I am all the way in AZ.


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