Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Photography Post Processing {Baby Photographers}

Wow, can we say MONDAY =)

I wanted to just write a little note here to let everyone know I'm working as best I humanly can to return these sweet little baby photography galleries to my valued portrait clients.  I value my business and a high level of customer service as well as a reasonable turn-around time.

Baby's skin typically will have issues needing detailed retouching work; I will admit babies skin is rarely "Gerber Baby" perfect =)  Now you would never know this because you only see the gallery of final completely edited portraits.  I will include a couple before and after images here just as to quickly show an example of some of the Photoshop processing I will do to every single portrait in your final gallery.  Not all photographers do this, I do....I try to eliminate every imperfection (which is normal for a newborn) such as white spots, distracting peeling skin or uneven coloring.

In addition to detailed and technical post processing work, we also had a long weekend recently, Labor Day.  I do take holidays off when possible though not always.  I'll get a little personal as well, my husband recently deployed so technically I'm a single Mom of a 4 yr old with separation anxiety issues and a 6 month old who has decided to stop sleeping through the night.  Yet I do still have regular childcare as well as some late nights to work nearly daily and indeed put my baby portrait business a priority in my life.  If you are unfamiliar with this industry some professional photographers take 4, 5, even 6 weeks to return images so I am positive I am within a reasonable time with a 3 week turn-around average.

If your baby portrait session was within the last month then I probably mentioned to you my turn-around, at this time, is around 2-3 weeks (not including the holiday) and I am doing my best to make this happen.  However, it can be longer, which is why the session agreement provided states "three to five weeks".  I know it's not easy to wait but I try to make it worth it by delivering perfect portraits which will be in your family for many generations.  Three weeks is not long to wait when you consider you will be enjoying these when you are 80 =)

Zoomed in sample: Before

Zoomed in sample: After

Every tiny spot gets attention!


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