Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspiring Newborn Photographers To Grow and Succeed
My camera is not only an extension of my eyes, but of my heart, and I am truly in love with what I do...”
-Rita of Bitsy Baby Photography

These words sum up a dream nearly 20 years in the making. What began with a camera and the passion of one newborn photographer has grown into a full-fledged business, with opportunities to help and inspire others within the same trade.
The success of Bitsy Baby Photography has not only inspired fledgling newborn photographers to learn more about the possibilities of growing their own business, but Rita of Bitsy Baby has found an inspiring way to help these photographers learn from her experience and passion for the art.
The Bitsy Baby studio is where baby photographers come to teach, to learn, and to mentor each other. In addition to a community-gathering place for photographers, the studio is also where dreams come true and life-long memories are made for parents. This is where the magic of their baby’s first year blooms; forever captured in the camera lens of a newborn photographer.

The Craft of Making a Newborn Photographer Blossom

Rita is expanding Blooming Baby Workshop offerings in order to provide more photographers to learn the skills to build a successful business and to help more parents create photo memories. These thorough photography classes cover the multi-faceted aspects of operating a successful baby-focused photography business. Each workshop includes practice sessions with babies from 0 to 12 months of age.

There are three workshop styles to choose from:
• Non-professional (individuals with a photographic hobby)
• Blooming Baby Business Workshops (group sessions or one-on-one)
• Online mentoring

The group experience is ideal for the newborn photographer that already has a basic knowledge of camera usage and manual shooting capabilities. The one-on-one workshop is best for photographers that need more technical help with the basics.

These workshops are formatted to be as comprehensive as possible by covering the practical side of a baby photography business as well as the professional side. Attendees can expect to walk away with a greater understanding of efficient every day workflow (scheduling, prep work, session length, troubleshooting etc.) and marketing savvy (business set-up, sales tips, self-promotion etc.). An extra six months of online follow-up support is also included in the workshop package.

Resource Information also has newborn photographer resources, session rates, and workshop pricing. If you have questions about any of the information listed, please contact us.
What started out as a personal journey to understand and share in the miraculous blessing of new life has truly become something magical and inspiring.
If there’s anything a newborn photographer knows, it’s how fast time passes, but sometimes-if we’re lucky-we catch a glimpse of it to hold onto. That’s what it feels like to live your dream. It is our hope that the dream only grows and spreads with each passing year. Your support helps make that goal achievable. 

Guest Post - Office Intern - Bitsy Baby Photography

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