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Grow a Baby Photo Business with Bitsy Baby Photograhy

Learn Essential Tips to Grow a Baby Photo Business

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If your life’s mantra is centered on W.C. Field’s famous quote “Never work with animals or children”, you’re missing out on an untapped market. No other facet of the photography world allows you to capture raw, exquisite emotion like working with infants and new parents. You might be intimidated by the newborn photographer industry and concerned about how to grow this new venture or all the competition out there. With the right skills and a few tricks of the trade, you’ll have all the tools required to keep both the babies and the parents happy.

Get the Word Out

One of the growing pains associated with starting in or growing a facet of the photography industry, including infant photography, is gaining a credible reputation. The first step to building this positive standing is through effective advertising and/or marketing. Visit a local baby or kid expo and showcase your work to new and expectant parents. Hang photos in establishments that parents and grandparents frequent, including toy stores, baby boutiques and restaurants. Utilize the power of Facebook by designing a professional page, and encourage your existing clients, friends and family member “Like” it and to tag the photos that include their babies.

Woo the Parents

Being a successful newborn photographer goes far beyond getting the baby to smile or sleep, although these skills can also be crucial. It’s also about keeping the parents happy and comfortable and that starts with creating a family friendly environment at your photography studio. If you have the means and space, create a separate area for photographing infants and small children. Include plenty of toys and treats to keep the babies and small children occupied between shots. Don’t forget about the parents and offer them a cup of coffee and a comfortable, private area to breastfeed or care for the baby.

Ready, Aim, Wait…

Working with infants is an endless game of preparation, missed opportunities and a lot of patience. Prepare the space before the parents even walk through the door by testing the light and exposure with a doll. Set up all your equipment and be ready for every eventuality during the shoot to ensure that you capture that small window of time when the baby is attentive and smiling or sleeping soundly.

Leave the Cheese in the Fridge

Making an infant smile (or sleep) doesn’t need to be the cause for stress. Give the parents explicit instructions to have the baby ready before they enter the studio. This includes providing the baby with a good nap, feeding and diaper change. The most effective way to make the baby smile or sleep (depending on the age) doesn’t involve props or magic. Start by getting the baby’s attention with a subtle sound and instruct the mother or father to stand behind the camera. Now all that is required to elicit that illusive social smile is to smile yourself. The baby is wired to smile when it sees you or one of his parents sporting a big, happy grin. Keep smiling and use quiet sounds to keep the baby’s attention and you’ll eventually get the reaction you’re after.

Learn Techniques and Business Skills from an Expert

As a photographer, you are always looking to expand your technical skills to take better pictures and to interact better with your subjects. But, there are few newborn photography workshops that also help you with the specific business skills necessary to be successful in this industry. Bitsy Baby Photography offers photography workshops, termed “The Blooming Baby Business” workshop that are one-of-a-kind opportunities to learn how to run a successful Baby’s First Year business. If you want to not only take great pictures, but to ensure your clients return and your business is successful, learn more about this opportunity today.

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