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What I love for Pregnancy - Third Trimester {Maternity Photographer DC}

A few things I love for pregnancy now that I'm in my third trimester!

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All Mamas know the further along we arrive in our pregnancy the more uncomfortable and in need of pampering we are! We feel muscles we never knew we had and sometimes have issues that are a little too personal to talk about. For me at 37 weeks along now the main issues are my sore back, swollen feet, and hands with severe carpal tunnel symptoms. So let's jump into how I get my mind off things lately. The quality of Aveda products surpasses anything else I have tried and because I am highly sensitive to chemicals and fragrances Aveda is perfect for me. So for some pampering during my pregnancy (or anytime!) here are a couple things I can't live without.

Caribbean-Therapy Body Scrub
I use this as part of my relaxing hot bath routine--at least a couple times a week. It is like going to the spa in your own bathroom; so renewing and refreshing and leaves your skin so smooth & smelling nice! Tune into Pandora (the ESP Deep Relaxation station), relax in a hot bath and before getting out use this scrub =)

Prenatal Massage
I have always gone to my local Aveda salon for massages but during pregnancy when your belly is growing they even have a table that accommodates the baby bump :). You are transcended into another world of peace and relaxation.

Citizens of America Jeans
I'll be honest these are the only pair of maternity jeans that fit me well now, I wear them nearly daily and switch with leggings on my wash days :). I do wish the bellyband was higher because I don't like the line across under my shirt and if I roll it down its not tight enough...but their so comfortable I'll just take the line. They can be dressed up or down and just feel so darn good on! I got mine at Appleseed Boutique, and their worth the price!!

What To Expect
If you are like me, you have a zillion questions during your pregnancy about symptoms, baby's growth, birth, epidurals, cervical checks, Dr visits, cord clamping, breast feeding, and the list goes on and on. I have done quite a bit of research and found Whattoexpect.com has much of the most up to date general information to answer many of my questions. They also have a great online community where you can connect with other Mamas!

Prenatal Belly Art / Intuitive Henna / Belly casting
Christalene is one of the kindest souls I have met and offers some of the most beautiful work. She offers prenatal services that make any baby shower fun and unique.

Baby To Be Images Sonogram Center
It is an amazing experience to meet your baby before your birth! Linda Rihani makes that possible at her 3d/4d sonogram experience where the whole family can join in on the oohs and aahs of your sweet baby while still in your womb! We went in to,"visit" Lillie several times through my pregnancy here :)

Lil Lamb Shop
As your baby gets closer you will need to do some shopping!! Don't miss the The Lil Lamb Shop nursery and baby boutique, they have an online store now too :)

Birth Information
Now I respect a mother's choice to get an epidural but I will admit I am a fan of a natural birth. I will not get into all the details here but if you hope to give birth naturally, or with little intervention, here are a couple links for support and information.
Natural Birth Blog

Article in Journal of Perinatal Education about Natural Birth

Local Birthing Centers
Special Beginnings Birth and Women's Center
Bay Area Midwifery

Birth Management without Medication
Annapolis Hypnobirthing

I used Hypnobirthing to manage my labor drug free with my first baby and will be using the same technique with this one too. I went to Kim at Annapolis Hypnobirthing for a refresher class and with continued practice will prepare for a gentle Hypnobirth.

Please click on the links within this blog to access any of the information mentioned above and share this post with your pregnant friends and family =)

Best to you, Rita

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