Monday, October 31, 2011

What I love for Pregnancy - A Maternity Photographers preferred products

As many of you know I am pregnant with my second child, another girl, we're so over the moon to be having another baby!! I'm now 22 weeks in and have found some awesome products during my pregnancy I can't live without! I thought I'd share these today =) Many of these items can also be used after baby arrives too.

Pure Essence Mother To Be Prenatal Vitamins
I used these prenatals with my first pregnancy and looooved them so I knew immediately they had to be a part of my regimen this time around too. They help keep my energy levels up while I am in a very busy work season as well as closing in on my 2nd trimester =) To Save $5 Use Code: QED286

Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil
I also used this with my first pregnancy as well as this current one. I am really into aromatherapy and a soothing smell can really relax me and put my mind at ease. I use this oil diluted in my Aveda lotion and rub it on my tummy after my baths before bed, mmmmm sweet sleep! This is also great to dilute and use as a massage oil for baby once he or she comes =) A bottle last a long time too!

Maternal America Skinny Jeans
I've spent twice this much on maternity jeans and these are still my favorite! The belly band is so comfortable and doesn't get stretched out after a full day of wearing. The jeans have just the right amount of stretch to stay nicely fit for a couple wears for me. Applessed Boutique is a great shop to get these and other awesome maternity clothes =)

Bra-llelujah Spanx Wireless Front Closure Bra
Another 5star find at Appleseed Boutique for me was this bra, WOW, soooooo comfortable. It's not technically a maternity or nursing bra but is so stinkin' comfy I'll have a hard time giving them up when baby comes =) And I think I can always just fold it down to nurse?!

Night Shirt, Under Shirt, Nursing Tank Top
So three years ago I found the greatest nursing tanks at Target with my first baby, they were always a little short to me though. The other day I was looking for some long undershirts to wear under sweaters and found these, they have a lace decor at the neckline too, love! I use them as under shirts and night shirts now, they do give great support at night for my expanded bust line. The best part they'll transition into nursing tops and probably the only thing I'll wear for a few months when this baby is born =)

Low Cut No Panty Line Panties

I'll be the first to admit I'm practically living in leggings and stretchy pants when I'm not in my MA Jeans. This calls for no seam panties....and I will also admit I'm not into thongs so scratch that idea; I'd rather go commando. Anyways, these panties are so comfy, they fit below my expanding belly and are almost invisible beneath my stretchy pants, score! And they actually do come in a thong if you are into that style. I'm sorry I just never got into the thong-tha-thong-thong-thong thang, lol, call me boring but hey I did manage to get pregnant ha =)

Well I'm sure I'll find more awesome products and must-haves but I'll stop here for now and share more in the next "What I love" post =) If you have a "must-have" I'd love to know about it, please drop a note on the Facebook page here =)

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  1. Thanks Rita for all the suggestions. We are expecting again, too!


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