Monday, July 18, 2011

You have a newborn baby, now what??

You’ve just experienced the miracle of giving birth to your baby–a huge congratulations to you both! But wait…no one warned you about your baby’s crazy sleeping patterns {or lack thereof}, told you that it would seem like they’re crying all the time or that it would feel like they expect an all-you-can eat buffet 24/7! Frankly, you’re exhausted, frustrated and at your wits end. Soothing Solutions Newborn Coaching can help!

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Soothing Solutions Newborn Coaching:

  • Is ideally taken when your baby is in the immediate newborn phase {1 week-3 months old}
  • Will teach you the wildly famous “Happiest Baby on the Block” techniques from a certified educator using your own baby {this will be hands-on review if you did my Prepping for Parenthood coaching}
  • Discusses common newborn issues such as crying, sleeping patterns and how to effectively calm and soothe your baby
  • Teaches you the “15 Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Newborn” which will make needing to use the “cry-it-out method” unnecessary when they get older
  • Provides you with breastfeeding information and support {if you choose to breastfeed}
  • Will educate you about the many benefits of infant massage for you and your baby
  • Demonstrates many tried-and-true infant soothing products and allows you to try them out with your baby
  • Shows a DVD which discusses the importance of being in-tune with your baby and responding to their needs
  • Allows you to have ALL your newborn questions answered in a comfortable atmosphere without feeling rushed or embarrassed

To find out more about this service and much much more that can help you during this season visit the Tranquil Baby website here.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I have also added another helpful service for new parents...Tranquil Baby Help Hotline--for when new moms need help or advice asap with sleeping, feeding, crying or soothing.


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