Thursday, June 9, 2011

A New Season {Maryland Newborn Photographer}

These are just a FEW shots from a long day with Baby As Art ( on my most recent trip to California. What an awesome opportunity to mentor with some of the most amazing photographers in the nation, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall. I am so appreciative to Jen as well, who answered my slew of questions related to the Baby As Art business. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills ladies!!

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  1. Gorgeous, Rita! My uterus skips a beat every time I see your baby photos. It was so nice "meeting" you.

  2. We just moved to Pax River Maryland from San Diego and are having our fourth baby in August. We went to tour Special Beginnings in Annapolis and were Shocked to see our son on your business card! What are the odds? I totally thought it copyright infringement but after remembering that his photos were taken during a workshop where all the photographers got to take their own photos of our baby, and checking your blog, it was confirmed. that the photo is in fact your own :) We are honored to have our son on your business card! Perhaps we will have you photograph our new baby come early September :)of Glad we figured it all out!

    1. Laura, WOW what a small world ha!! I hope your move across country went smoothly and you are getting all settled in. We hope to see you in September, you could just stop on in on your way home after you deliver at Special Beginnings =) Please fill out the contact form on the website and we can get you some information, we just started a spring promo that will run through April. Join up on facebook too to stay in touch


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