Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Capturing Parents to Be with Maternity Photography

Catching the Emotions and Expressions of Parents to Be with Maternity Photography

Maternity photography most often pictures the expectant mother showing off her baby bump. However, some of the most beautiful maternity photography also includes the father-to-be. Let’s talk about the benefits of this! With both mother and father present in the photo shoot, the entire experience and process has evolved. What was once a solo venture now has turned into an experience to share. In these types of shots, couples can exhibit their mutual excitement about their new baby. The love that each has for one another and for the new life that they are bringing into the world can be captured in a photo that will last a lifetime. It is fun to see the father’s excitement in photos like these in their expectant and eager faces.

maternity photography lifestyle

Using maternity photography to capture the bond between two expectant parents is just as precious as seeing the little newborn wrapped up in their arms. With different poses, couples are able to express the intimacy that goes into creating and raising a child. In these types of couple shots, the father and mother are touching and often times they both are touching the mother’s belly. Sometimes, the couples are caught gazing into each other’s eyes. I also like to capture the couples laughing together at the thought of how much those diapers are going to cost!

lifestyle maternity photography in DC

The journey of parenthood is a joint effort and it is important to capture that bond for future generations to appreciate. With maternity photography the feelings that come along with pregnancy, of nervous excitement, pure happiness, and a deep connection show through and can be admired for many years to come. It is priceless to see the glowing faces of expectant parents and to look at them later to be able to reminisce about your pregnancy and the first year of life.

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Working with a maternity photography specialist is very important to documenting your pregnancy and the first year of your child’s life with newborn photography. In this type of photography it is all about timing and feeling great while shooting. Bitsy Baby Photography does not limit sessions to a specified time and is willing to work around your schedule so that you and your baby are in the best mood during your shoot. As we know, this could take some time with infants, but that is alright and never a burden. With Bitsy Baby Photography you will find that your emotions are captured in the best light and only in the way that you want them to be. You and your baby’s most intimate and loveliest moments are guaranteed to be captured to forever treasure.

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