Thursday, May 13, 2010

new love {Annapolis Maternity Photography}

My most favorite part of working with a couple expecting their 1st baby is the new love they are experiencing between each other. The love that blossoms from creating & growing a true miracle of God, a love that takes their breath away, and one that can not be described in words. This season of new life and new love is one of the most endearing and blissful times I've seen. I have only had one baby so I don't know if the 2nd & 3rd+ baby is as new and miraculous.....I'm sure it is but all I know is the 1st and today we celebrate that joy with this couple. By the way, as I was composing a shot of this new Mommy, her husband stands beside me watching her and says "you are so beautiful, i could marry you all over again" =) Go ahead say it..... "awwwwwwwwwwwwww"

sweet new love coming soon

Annapolis Mama in the making! BW
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baby: turning things around & upside down

father's love


  1. OK... Awwwwwwwwww.....

  2. My niece has been trying for a child for the past 6 yrs after her first child.
    She tried almost everything anyone says it is effective. When she was about to give up, she got the good news! It is a miracle to her!
    She now glows with happiness just like your beautiful pictures.
    Her baby is due in 10/2010.
    Love your photos!

  3. Pregnant mama indeed is so beautiful. Your pictures are beautiful and they capture the glow and emotion. I do not think I could've made my husband post that way though :)

    Thank you for your visit. I love anyone who loves Mraz ;)

  4. Absolutely beautiful and it did get me choked up remembering my first pregnancy. It is truly a special time.

  5. So sweet! The last one just got me! :) Awesome work.

  6. There's something so romantic about black and white photographs. They are leave me with a Casablanca kind of feeling you know, where the girl could have the guy of her dreams but for some reason she doesn't get him...that's the feeling black and white photos bring up in me!
    That warm fuzzy feeling!
    These photos made me feel like that today! ;o)

  7. What a great thing that you get to be a part of this with so many couples through your job :)

  8. great photos! Love the B/W shots. U just captures great moments... Dropping by from SITS!

  9. Anonymous5/16/2010

    I wish you lived in Washington State. There are so many baby/pregnancy (is that the right term?) photographers out there, but you have that special something.

  10. Anonymous5/17/2010

    these are beautiful photos. Especially the one with your husband. How lovely. I think B&W is so cool.


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